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I also want to comment on that “I would say that an extreme forefoot strike might be just as bad, especially if the heel is not allowed to contact the ground.”, based on my – yet very small – personal experience. I was experimenting with changing my running form when recovering Nike Air Max 90 Femme from injury so first it was only jogging. After a while I was feeling really comfortable with a new striking pattern. However when a time come to include some faster running I had problems to do so not because my endurance was not yet good enough but simply I could achieve it with a new movements pattern. Then analyzing possible reasons I found that unconciously I was excesively avoiding contact of the heel with the ground. I tried running more relaxed, I could clearly feel now the moment of landing of the heel (although forefoot/midfoot still seem to contact first) and this way no problems with any kind of workout. I would agree that walking is usually heel-toe, but I doubt you’d ever see a 45 degree heel strike like the one in the image I posted in a barefoot walker. If you walk around barefoot for a bit, you’ll be surprised at how often you land on your forefoot if you are doing anything other than going in a straight line. Even then, if you are barefoot on a surface that has any type of debris, you’ll often walk on your forefoot as well, because bringing the heel down on a rock hurts. I went for a 1.5 mile barefoot walk yesterday, and my landing was all over the place depending on what was underfoot. This is an interesting read on this subject link to nymag.com….I’ve seen runners of all speeds using all kinds of foot strikes. What’s really interesting is if you look at back of pack marathoners, some have no aerial phase in their gait, but they are also clearly not walking. Running is defined as a gait in which both feet are off the ground simultaneously for some portion of the gait cycle. This leads me to suspect that there is a gray area between Nike Roshe Run Mujer running and walking, and I’m not sure quite how to describe it. So yea, form definitely changes with speed, but foot strike is just one aspect of form, and I’m not sure I would equate slow running with walking.I have been reading this for the last 8 months or so. I have been running in the Kinvaras since the Nike Air Max Command Womens end of last summer. I seem to have developed a gait with these that have me landing on mid to forefoot, but I definitely have a longer stride now. I think it is because I am no longer catching the heel. I have run PRs in all distances since switching to the Kinvara, including my Boston Marathon (3:23) this year, and a 6 minute improvement in my 1/2 marathon time (1:30). I recently ran in the Falmouth Road Race, and had my gait analyzed by New Balance. I was wearing sandals, so that had me put on a NB shoe (NB 890). I ran on the treadmill, which I don’t do often. They gave me lots of advice including leaning forward more, and trying to get up to 180 strides per min. What do you think of this type of analysis they are doing?I did browser the page’s link to advice on good running form and sadly it repeats the pseudo elements Nike Air Max TN Femme of Chi Running/Pose Method so I can’t help feel that they really understand the laws of physics or what consitents a good running form. Seems the snake oil salesman our back in force in the shoe industry, even in the mimialist sector.The big errors in the advice is about posture and forward lean. Forward lean doesn’t provide any propulsion ever – gravity is vertical force so can’t ever provide horizontal force. The reason why us bipeds lean is for balance, plain and simple. Whether we are running into a headwind or Adidas Superstar Mujer accelerating we lean forward to remain in balance, also when we turn we lean into the bend for balance. The subtle thing is that we use overbalance to initiate a new acceleration – be that into a bend, to speed up and as our bodies are at the apropriate lean are legs/feet start generating the required acceleration Nike Air Max 90 Womens Black force. Also when we slow down we lean back and then initiate the breaking force, and to stop ourselves leaning back with generate a tad more breaking force than the lean requires and we automatically straight up. This is subltey of interaction between lean and accelerateion is something we all lean as in infant when we first learn to walk. You certainly don’t need NewBalance to teach you it, and your certainly don’t need them to start laying on the psuedo science that the lean gives you propulsion as it doesn’t – it’s you Nike Air Max 270 Mujer muscles that are doing that.

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