After a storm, the ginkgo

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After a storm, the ginkgo leaves that were scattered all over the place covered the road in front of the door, but no one passed by here and stayed in the footsteps. This scenery is beautiful and beautiful, but it can't cover the loneliness. If it is said, this fate is too bitter. "The high-rise buildings are standing on the ground. The wide roads are crowds of people, or the lights are bright and dark, and there are also the participation of cars and dragons. The world in my corner is a stranger. I have been afraid of the darkness of the night but can't care about this long search. I have been afraid of the suffering of life but can't care about this long loneliness. Even waiting in the same place, or going to the distance to find If you look for it, but still have no results, it is so lost. If you say that this fate is too "smart from the young to the present, the desire to grow more and more prosperous, eager to find you Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S, eager to see you, eager to embrace you, longing I never thought of it. I have traveled a lot of places, and I have lived in a place Carton Of Marlboro Red 100S. Unfortunately, I have never met you. Unfortunately, we always go to the far side of the North and South, separated by mountains and rivers, counting the annual rings. Light, skip the hustle and bustle of this life. If you say that this fate is too "wrong. I have learned a lot of things to do alone: ??cooking Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, photography, travel, but it is very difficult. I often feel that the long and lonely atmosphere occupies all my breathing, it hurts very much. It hurts. But now I try to read the memories repeatedly and find out the feeling that you still exist Buy Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. If you say that this fate is too "true." "I don't want to go far because you don't come Newport Cigarettes Carton Wholesale, but I'm afraid that if you go far, you can't find me. I will be anxious. I have spent the years in the same place. The obsession in my heart is growing wildly. If so, wait a second." .

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