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The Steelers White Darron Lee Jerseys , Packers, Seahawks and Raiders have byes this week, and the real roster management challenge begins.Four or more teams will be off in each of the next five weeks. This is the stretch where depth either really pays off or can hurt your outlook if you are not informed and dedicated enough. But do take one week at a time, especially if you have superstars off this week. We’re most notably without the services of all the prime Pittsburgh skill position players, the Packers passing game pieces, plus Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson.RUNNING BACKSMARLON MACK, Colts (26.4 percent owned): Projected to be the lead back in Indianapolis this year, Mack finally returned from a hamstring injury last week and rushed for 89 yards on 12 carries. He is not going to be a regular starter for you but can be a good fill-in for bye or injury purposes. This week, faces Buffalo’s 18th ranked run defense, which makes him an adequate replacement play.ITO SMITH, Falcons (13.7): The rookie remains widely available despite TD runs in three consecutive games. A total of 62 rushing yards during that span may be a prime reason he is still on many waiver wires. But the RB position is tough enough to deal with when there are not four-team byes and you may need to use Smith as a sub. On a very good offense, he should continue to get some opportunities to finish off scoring drives.RAHEEM MOSTERT, 49ers (0.1): After flashing some spark in the preseason, Mostert surprisingly received some playing time against the 49ers Monday night and rushed for 87 yards on 12 carries. Mostert displayed good vision and patience and added some more speed to the Niners offense. Mostert may only be a part-timer going forward, but depth is obviously needed at this position right now.NICK CHUBB, Browns (22.2): Carlos Hyde has only 12 total points in point per reception formats in his last two games and appears to have hit some sort of invisible wall. Hue Jackson has indicated he needs to get Chubb more work and Hyde could also force him into an expanded role at any time when you consider his injury history.WIDE RECEIVERSMARQUISE GOODWIN, 49ers (43.6): Injuries hindered Goodwin until this week, and he was cut in 8.9 percent of leagues last week. Goodwin, who was drafted as a potential WR3 with upside in the preseason, then re-emerged in a big way with four catches for 126 yards and two touchdowns on Monday night. Goodwin is not only back on the fantasy radar Darron Lee Jerseys 2019 , but at a high cost as he may be the most sought-after waiver pickup of the week.JERMAINE KEARSE, Jets (0.9): Quincy Enunwa is out for at least three weeks with a high ankle sprain and Kearse stepped into the void quickly in Week 6, catching nine passes for 94 yards. Kearse is a veteran receiver who should have the trust of rookie QB Sam Darnold, especially after he performed adequately at times for the Jets last season.JOSH REYNOLDS. Rams (0.4): He is in the waiver conversation again with Cooper Kupp out with a knee injury. Reynolds may be third on the receiving ladder for the Rams this week, but you can consider him for bye week usage when you note he faces San Francisco’s 20th-ranked pass defense, a unit which has often looked even worse than that rating.TAYLOR GABRIEL, Bears (32.6): The emergence of the Bears offense over the past two games has included the sudden rise of Gabriel as a featured playmaker. He has caught 12 passes for 214 yards and two TDs during that span. Gabriel is getting more volume than expected, which could quell some concerns that he may be a boom-or-bust type.TIGHT ENDO.J. Howard, Buccaneers (36.5): Considering the thin state of the position, if you need help at TE, Howard should be your top priority this week. He returned rather quickly from a knee injury this past week and caught four passes for 62 yards and a TD. Howard already has three double figure PPR performances this year. He was regarded as a top TE prospect coming out of last year’s draft and could be on the verge of a real breakout in a pass-happy offense.QUARTERBACKC.J. BEATHARD, 49ers (5.7): Beathard has played better than expected, having scored 18 to 19 fantasy points in standard scoring over the past three games, with two TD passes in each and 298 or more yards in two outings. He can keep his team in games or playing catch-up. Beathard is looking like a viable fantasy QB2, and against the Rams’ 29th-ranked pass defense this week, he is a good sub for Ben Roethlisberger or Aaron Rodgers.Jets vs. Broncos: Anatomy of a defensive bust When a defense busts an assignment, it provokes anger and outrage from fans. These guys are handsomely compensated professionals. How can they just blow an assignment?This was a popular refrain last week as we examined the Jets’ loss to Jacksonville. On many levels, the complaints ring true. The NFL has the best football players in the world. These players have a job, and it is to execute. Their opponents are also very talented paid quite well to execute, though. And complex plays are necessary to beat opponents of such high caliber. Complexity can lead to errors.The Jets aren’t the only team to make these errors. Take what happened to the Broncos in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.Defensive play calls are complicated by their very nature. A defense has no idea whether the opponent will run the ball or throw the ball before a play is run. Therefore, the defensive playcall must provide assignments for both possibilities.On this play, to defend the run White Jordan Jenkins Jersey , the Broncos have seven defenders committed to stopping the run. They are each assigned one of the seven gaps in the Jets’ formation. A gap is the space between blockers up front.Against the pass, the Broncos are playing man to man coverage. The most notable pass assignment is number 29 Bradley Roby matched up against Quincy Enunwa.Enunwa is sent in motion, and this starts a chain of events that leads to disaster for Denver. Roby follows him.Darian Stewart (number 26) makes a signal with his hand telling Roby to stop following Enunwa. It is difficult to follow a receiver in motion across the formation. As you can see above, Roby is behind Enunwa. The Jets could snap it quickly, and Roby would be out of position.Stewart is essentially saying to Roby, “Stay where you are. We are switching assignments. I will now have Enunwa in man coverage.”Taking Enunwa means that Stewart will no longer be able to help against the run. To compensate for this, two linebackers shift over. Brandon Marshall slides over to take Stewart’s old gap, while Josey Jewell slides over to take Marshall’s old gap. (Old gaps are in pink; new gaps are in yellow.)You can see the new gap assignments here. (Marshall’s and Jewell’s changed assignments are in yellow.)You might notice a problem here. The gap between Kelvin Beachum and Eric Tomlinson is unoccupied. Roby did not get the message and continued to follow Enunwa. That was Jewell’s old gap. When Jewell slid over, Roby was supposed to take it.Here’s what the assignment looks like with a lifelike illustration of Roby filling that gap.Stewart was supposed to take over for Roby covering Enunwa man to man. Marshall was supposed to slide to take Stewart’s gap against the run. Jewell was supposed to slide to take Marshall’s gap against the run. Roby was supposed to release Enunwa and take Jewell’s gap against the run.Everybody got the message except Roby, which left a gap undefended.The Jets were quite happy to run the ball into this undefended area.Isaiah Crowell ripped off a 54 yard gain.It is easy for fans to forget there are two teams on the field. A week ago, Jets fans were understandably upset with their defense for all of the blown defensive assignments. Part of the story, however, was that the Jaguars deserved credit for making the Jets pay. Just because the defense messes up doesn’t mean the offense will automatically create a big play. On the same note, the Jets deserve credit here for making Denver pay for a mistake. The Broncos bust this play, but the Jets also block up front very well, and Crowell runs with speed and authority to prevent Denver from covering for its error.In here there is also a lesson about why teams use presnap motion. It frequently forces the defense to adjust its assignments quickly before the snap. That requires quick and effective communication in a high stress setting. It only takes one person to miss the message for disaster to strike.(The motion has another impact. Had the Broncos executed better, the Jets still would have created more favorable matchups against Denver’s defense. If the Jets threw, a safety would be one on one against Enunwa. Against the run, a corner would have to defend rather than a safety.)You might now understand why offenses like Kansas City utilize so many complex presnap motions. The more the defense has to adjust, the greater the odds of a bust.

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