The Specification of Liquid Scanner

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Recent news came that the Americans are going to study a kind of airport security baggage scanners to permit the passengers to bring liquid to the airplanes, even the wine with metal packaging also included. Although it is not reached yet, it is possible to be reality due to the development of science and technology. Actually the liquid scanner is a kind of liquid security inspection device to inspect suspicious liquid inside of baggage or on someone. And in order to make sure the inspection quality and performance of the liquid scanner, it is necessary to read the liquid scanner specification carefully before using the liquid scanner. And the liquid scanner specification is composed of how to install the liquid scanner, how to operate the liquid scanner, how to maintain the liquid scanner as well as how to deal with the ordinary problems properly. Therefore, the liquid scanner specification is important for using the liquid scanner in a correct way.

The airport baggage scanner plays an important role in securing the safety of thousands of hundreds of people. Therefore, it is necessary to operate the liquid scanner according to the liquid scanner specification.

1. After powering on the liquid scanner, remember not to hot plug the electric cables of ports of the SCSI and EPP, which is going to do harm to the liquid scanner or computer control system. Of course, there is no use to include the USB port because it belongs to hot plug actually.

2. Another liquid scanner specification is that do not cut off the power in the middle of using the liquid scanner, it is general to cut off the power after home the components of the liquid scanner completely, which is of great significance to the normal running of the circuit chip of the liquid scanner.

3. The liquid scanner is able to inspect some vertical stuff with small size, so it is necessary to pay attention not to move the sharp stuff arbitrarily in the middle of inspecting, which is able to scratch the glass. And do not use too much power to lay down the upper cover, which is easy to break the glass of the liquid scanner.

4. Another X-ray baggage security scanner specification is that there is no power cut button on the liquid scanner, so it is necessary to cut off the power when there is no need to use it, because it is possible to waste energy with the light of the liquid scanner still on.

5. It is possible to place the liquid scanner on some places where there is less dust. Do not put it close to window, because too much sunshine is able to reduce the service life of the plastic components.

6. It is easy to cause static in the middle of using the liquid scanner, so as to absorb large amount of dust to influence the normal operation of the liquid scanner. And do not use materials with mince to cover the liquid scanner to avoid the dust entering into the liquid scanner, which is another important liquid scanner specification.

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