The first time to sacrifice

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The first time to sacrifice flowers, the festival is the gardenia. Scorpion, alias wild laurel. It was June 29th, and my birthday was accompanied by the summer's tail. I planted trees for the first time Cigarettes Wholesale Price. I got up at 7 o'clock in the morning and rushed to the school to fill out the volunteers. I originally filled out the Shanghai school. Before I left, I added Changsha. It was quite simple, but it carried most of my dreams. Hurry to run home from school, more than nine o'clock, the sun is just right, not hot or cold. If filling in volunteers is the top priority after the college entrance examination, then I am really painstaking. But for me, the tree planting that day, that is, the top priority in life, the last time I went to the hill, I don��t remember how long ago, when I was in high school, there were many times in the composition of the high school, so beautiful. Stone road, old railroad tracks, red brick pile triangle room Cheap Newport 100, tin have been prosperous. Dog tail grass, lantern flower, farmer's fertilizer mixed with flowers, all the things returned to the garden. The favorite is the sunset. After watching it for more than ten years, it is still a favorite. The railroad track is gone. It is only the trace of being crushed for many years. It is not necessary to say that the process of planting trees can not be erased. The result was a place that was all stone. The hoe was hand-planed and dug out a big stone pit. My hair is long, and it is old when it is tied up. Finally, I wiped my face like a gun from the real 4s. In short, after the difficulties of the nine hundred and eighty-one, it was finally the end of the story of the family. The tree was planted, and I came to Changsha when I came back. I went to Xiaogang and went there myself. The tree may have long legs running, leaving only a stone pit Carton Of Newport Shorts Price. I have searched the trees around me and the dead ones. Anyway, there is no shadow of Jin Gui. At that time, it was evening, the sunset was near dusk, I told others, hey, I was in a bad mood. But others ignored me, so I didn't say anything. In the two years of college, I often think of the tree in the wind, the stone below, facing the lake, can also see the sunset. However, it is such a fragment that flashed past Cigarette Wholesale Prices. Just like the dream at that time, I still vowed to come back before the old snow, maybe my little tree was taken away by passers-by, how can I be willing to have it through the snow? Also, it must be dug away by others, otherwise How long have you been through the long night? Stone pits, windward slopes, will be cold. Is it better to hand over to the people who will plant it? Amitabha Marlboro Red 100 Carton, I only hope that the new master will love my little tree scorpion and finally fall into my house, and I can rest assured that I can take care of myself. The little tree is a wooden rhinoceros. I don't know where I am. I don't know where I am dead. I hope that my heart will be a little bit wanted. I may live better! The stone pit is gradually filled by the later stones, but there are still shallow traces. I looked at the short hair yellow hair in the mirror and missed my long black hair.

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