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Launch of Urwerk UR-T8 skull carved by King Nerd

Our latest collaboration with Urwerk and engraver Johnny'King Nerd'Dowell is a five-piece limited edition watch made up of Felix and Martin's UR-T8 watch, paired with Johnny's work, creating a transformer on the transformer's transformer case. Head and scroll patterns.Urwerk UR-T8 SKULL

When asked why Johnny chose the skull and scroll this time, he shared: "I always wanted to use this pattern because the two objects fit well together and the skull is usually used in art, fashion and timepieces. All things on. The list is still going on."

He continued, "The first thing I did was to design my skull. I tried a side or even a half skull, but I think I tried to be too smart about my approach. Finally, I found one in the configuration file. Faces, and immediately symmetry works. When I created my scrolling mode, I thought of the idea of ​​symmetry, and I know that if my skull is as symmetrical as the pattern on the background, it would be best."

For those who follow the various bronze sculptures produced by our three parties, you will find that the past watches are UR-105. This is the first time Johnny Canvas has become the T-8. Johnny said, "I like the T-8, it's one of my favorite Urwerks, the canvas is great!" Obviously, the new watch is not a big problem for nerds.

“After the design was ready, I reduced everything to the exact size of the T-8 case and transferred it, ready for the first cut,” Johnny recalls. “The first thing I often do is to cut each outline, in this case, including the reel and skull. My next stage is the replica watches review

"I cut everything to the depth I think is the best. It's the most time-consuming part of the whole project for me. Cut the background carefully under the microscope to make sure you don't touch the rolling area or the skull. It's a The important part; if you make a mistake, there is no turning back."

Of course, as Johnny said, his work became vivid at the moment he began to color his artwork. "For the shaded part, I simply mentioned the original design, because here I think I paint again: I cut the lines in the desired area and slowly put the whole part together. I like to go from time to time in the process. Take a step back to make sure I didn't complete the shadow.

“When everything was done, I started the blackening process, which was the part that really made the whole case popular! Even after a few times, I was amazed at the impact of black on bronze.”

But in addition to the new watch type, this is the first time Johnny has had to copy his work five times. When asked how challenging it was, he shared, "I only have four people to go after I finish my first hit, and they all have to match.

“But the reality is that whenever I hand-carve a watch, they are not carbon replicas. Some lines and shadows are nuanced. This makes the project even more special, because the owners of any of these watches will still Have a unique piece of work."

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