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A computer purchase isn’t what it used to be. ten years ago Skal Labissiere Jersey , it would cost $1000s of dollars in order to get a computer that was super slow and would hardly hook up to the internet on a modem. And this is not cable modem we’re talking about, it’s the rackety one that would take a minute or two to log onto and would use up your phone line so that you couldn’t phone anyone and use the internet simultaneously.

Boy have times changed! today, for the same dollars you might have a monster computer that will do essentially many things. So it all comes down to four matters. What do you need a computer for? What specs and parts do you really need to concentrate on? How many hours in a day do you plan on using your computer? And finally, what’s you budget?

1) What do you need a computer for?

This is an effective question. Are you going to use it simply to surf the internet and respond to e-mails? Are you someone that plays games with awesome graphics? Or are you a graphic designer that needs a computer that can handle various software running at the same time?

Everyone has contrasting computing needs and you need to figure out what precisely you will be using the computer for. Most people will be a mix of a few things such as using the computer for writing, surfing De'Aaron Fox Jersey , watching, and some playing. In this case you don’t want anything too special but enough to handle games and a decent video card. Make a list of the things that you will be using the computer for. This will also help you determine if you want a PC or a Mac. Let’s face it, as cool as Macs are PCs have more software and before you buy a computer you should look at the software or games you intend to buy.

2) What do you want to concentrate on?

You can have nothing or you can have it all. Obviously the less you want, the less it will cost you and vice versa for having it all. Do you really need a huge hard drive? Or how about an amazing graphics card? Do you need a monster sized screen? There are computers nowadays for every different spec and the great thing is you can often customize your new computer to buy exactly what you need. If you need more memory and a better graphics card, you can buy a computer that has everything.

You also need to decide between a laptop and desktop computer. If you travel a lot or work on the go Willie Cauley-Stein Jersey , a laptop is a must. Nevertheless, if you spend a lot of time at home a desktop may be more suitable. Desktops are more stable and come with much more for the same price. However, laptops are more compact and if you plan on moving around, even within your home, then laptops will definitely come in handy.

3) How many hours are you going to be spending on your computer?

I always base a lot of my practical purchases on how much time I will spend on it. A computer is something I spend a large portion of my time on. I probably spend more than half of my personal time on my computer and therefore I put in a decent amount of money into it. If you think you’re going to spend a lot of your time on your computer Jason Williams Jersey , don’t you think it’s smart to buy a computer that will do it’s job just extremely well? Buy the best tools, you can’t go wrong.

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