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If you are a couple that is looking to spice up your sex life or you are kinky and looking for some fun roleplay ideas you cannot let Christmas go by without playing Santa and His little helper. Christmas isn't Christmas without dressing up and celebrating the season in a way that would make Mrs. Claus blush.

This Kinky Claus roleplay all begins with the right outfit. While Santa is likely to be in special gear like a velvet outfit Tom Kuhnhackl Jersey , coat, and hat (feel free to use your imagination here boys) your naughty elf should be in something more revealing. In honor of Christmas, why not choose a sexy Tom Barrasso Jersey , red, matching outfit for her. The sexy Santa themed holiday outfit includes a sinfully short velvet skirt with white marabou trim and a matching bustier. For an added effect, add an adorable Santa hat for your elf Sidney Crosby Jersey , and some long, satin white gloves.

Start the evening off by having your naughty little elf sit on Santa's lap to tell you all she has done wrong this year and what she wants for Christmas. To get things going you might want to play a game. If you like mixing pleasure and pain have her bent over your lap instead so that every time she tells you a bad thing she has done you can give her a spanking. Of course, if you have her sitting on your lap you might want to smack (or rub) something else instead.

This will certainly warm things up and set the mood for the evening. If Santa has determined the naughty elf is deserving of presents he might let her take a ride on Santa's sleigh. A rare treat for any elf Scott Wilson Jersey , Santa's sleigh is sure to bring tons of pleasure to her this Christmas.

As most people don't have a sleigh laying around the house you can add to the roleplay by buying some liberator furniture. The Esse would be perfect as this is similar to a sleigh shape and can be used all year round for much more than this roleplay. This furniture will provide a sexy ride in a variety of positions. So, bring your little elf into the sleigh for some hot lovemaking fun.

The Esse allows for restraints to be added to the base of the structure so you might want to tie your bad little elf down as you have your way with her. Of course, who knows Ryan Reaves Jersey , the elf might end up overpowering Santa, tying him up, and taking charge of the sleigh this Christmas.

Don't forget to bring your riding crop along for the reindeers (or your elf)! You will be surprised how just one or two little taps will snap them into motion and gets them flying high above the sky.

If you are truly getting into your Santa roleplay you will want to have a red bag filled with some presents. If your elf proves to be a pleasing girl Ron Francis Jersey , you could let her raid your present bag. Make sure to fill it with all the best gifts.

Some ideas include:

Massage oils
Bath bubbles and salts
Fun vibrating toys
Spanking toys (hair brushes or paddles)
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