A Brief Introduction to Liquid Scanner Working Principle

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As a new kind of liquid Inspection equipment, the baggage scanner will be widely used in different fields such as the airport and train station. Understanding the liquid scanner working principle can surely help us to operate the device more efficiently.

The working principle of the scanner including liquid scanner is not very complicated as we imagined before, which can be reflected from its working process. The most widely used scanner nowadays for security inspection mainly applies the advanced X-ray image system with mechanical and electrical integration. The liquid scanner working principle mainly insists in three different techniques including linear array efficient liquid-state detector, digital image processing technology and computer image display technology. These technologies can provide users reliable system with high quality images and the function of service, which also make it a reality that the device is convenient to use, we users can operate it flexibly.

The linear array efficient parcel scanner utilized by most of the scanner equipment is close to a bending model, ensuring the no dead angle luggage checking. This new type of X-ray security detecting system cannot only check the regular dangerous goods, such as firearms, ammunition, knives and so on, this device can also seize the detail information about the chemical composition, and then provide we users by showing different color of different materials, we can identify the species of goods according to the specific color appeared on the liquid scanner.

The special feature of the liquid scanner working principle lies in its special liquid-state detector, which makes it different from traditional scanner. Because of its liquid-state detector, the scanner can make scanning analysis upon goods including bottled water, champagne, a variety of liquid laxatives and shampoo, ensuring that the liquid goods inside does not contain ingredients that unwarrantable.

The portable baggage scanner depends on magnetic resonance (NMR) technology to analyze the molecular structure of different kinds of liquid. The liquid scanner working principle is mainly proposed by the three techniques above, by which the scanner will flash red or green flashlight according to whether the targeted liquid is safe or not. Now that we have grasped the liquid scanner working principle roughly, we can now expect its extensive use in different fields, maybe we will be allowed to carrying safe liquid goods to plane in the near future.

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