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historians Vincent Lecavalier Jersey , the Bowie Knife has a long and rich history that began in the fall of 1827 at a duel on a Mississippi sandbar just above Natchez. The gentlemen involved were holding an 'interview' to settle an 'affair of honor' - what later became known as a duel. In the Old South, 'interviews' were common place, but this particular one became a fight of massive proportions. Although the two original fighters walked away unharmed, two others were killed and two were wounded.

One of the wounded was none other than James Bowie, shot in the thigh and knocked to the ground. According to published accounts by Mr. Samuel Wells, one of the original 'interviewers', Bowie was attacked by a member of the conflicting party, Major Norris Wright Victor Hedman Jersey , who attempted to stab Bowie with a cane sword.

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it could cause them foot and leg problems if they wear them.
Not only will your gues.

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