it could cause them foot and leg problems if they wear them.

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with , the ones you hate now because they could eat food all day long and their bodies would be hard at work utilizing and metabolizing that food quickly. As we get older, our metabolisms begin to slow down. Unfortunately with most people, as they get older, their activity levels also diminish. So there is a double concern of slower metabolisms and less physical activity. Thankfully, we can conditwill have to probably force feed your body to eat every three to four hours, but after a week or two, it becomes habit. You can make any routine a habit in only a few weeks or so (Unfortunately it is true with bad habits too). Eat often and in moderate amounts, just enough so that you are not hungry again until another three to four hours. Eat a small , healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then hs. It is all based upon the speeding up of your body's metabolism and the efficiency in which it burns off calories. This one change may assist you with fat loss more so than any other. As much as eating 3 squares a day has become habit since childhood, eating 6 smaller, well balanced and nutritious snacksmeals each day can become habit as well. Try it for 30 days and if you cannot make it habit successfully in that amount of time , go back to your old ways. Within the first couple of weeks of this change, you'll start to feel hungry every three hours or so. If you are getting hungry every 3 hours or so, that means that your last meal was not too large and not too small. It's important to eat enough to feel satisfied, but not overly

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