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Dr. Johji Satoh was a studious boy while growing up in Japan Anton Stralman Jersey context , real options may be thought of as valuable decision-making tools through exacter anticipation of the cash flow of projects with uncertain value changes such as oil exploration and development of new drugs. It is difficult to predict the future cash flows of a drug development project because it has various risks such as efficacy, side effects, rising material prices, and the market movement. If a rival company takes a lead in developing a similar drug product, the project might be discontinued after much wasted expense. So the management team must watch the project and its market environment carefully, calculating the cash flow from the project at each development stage, which is the stochastic process. In that process, the random movement of cash flow, like the seemingly random ball movement in table tennis, is presumed. Because of his fascination with real options and his sense that they were poorly developed by most academics and consultants, Dr. Satoh decided he wanted to become a professor of management in a university, write books about real options Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseynce professors. Taking the option to learn more English, Dr. Satoh studied at the ESL Institute of Tulane University. Once he had improved his language skills, he took an MBA degree from New Hampshire College (now Southern New Hampshire University) Graduate School of Business. For one of his courses he wrote a term paper on a regression model of financial option pricing, which encouraged him to study more about various types of options. Returning to Japan Alex Killorn Jersey ,

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