Portable Subway Security Inspection Device

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Security system is mainly used in airports, railway stations, bus stations and other public places where passenger flow is concentrated. Management of public security in recent years, due to the subway and anti-terrorism situation serious consideration, in order to ensure the subway lines and site security and terrorism prevention work implement, the subway station also gradually appear narcotics detecting equipment on sales . Especially during the large-scale public activity, such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai world expo, the Guangzhou Asian games and Shenzhen Universidad during big events, such as the metro city configuration in the subway station subway security inspection device, to take the subway passenger security checks. And part of the metro city in metro design, are considering the design of security system, such as Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities, the future of subway station will have subway security inspection device.

In 2011, be formulated by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development of the public security system in urban rail transit engineering technical specifications ", as a safe guard system in urban rail transit area of technical requirements, can be used to guide the design, manufacture and acceptance of safe guard system in rail transit products. Applied to the subway station of subway security inspection device is usually use the technology for security of passengers stuff such as security inspection device , prevent passengers bringing easy to cause explosion, burn, corrosion, toxic or radioactive items and guns, knives, etc may endanger public safety, and configure the portable subway security inspection device, explosion-proof ball and other supporting facilities.

According to "every package will be checked, liquid will be checked, man-machine combination" train of thought, realization of subway security demand of "computer", "check" two integrated security mode. For luggage bag using stationary "X-ray luggage inspection machine" to examine, to prevent the large capacity of dangerous goods into the subway, for passengers to carry small items with portable subway security inspection device for inspection, increase the degree of tight security system. To detect suspicious objects, the use of explosives detector, such as subway security inspection device specific properties. Security in the process of subject is responsible for guiding passengers, and operating portable subway security inspection device of parcels and luggage, liquid, such as inspection, portable baggage scanner found responsible for dangerous goods for early treatment, suspicious objects.

Subway security inspection device system by pass way type X-ray baggage check machine, a portable gas detection equipment, inflammable and explosive chemical detection equipment, liquid inspection equipment, portable metal detection equipment, explosion-proof equipment, open packet inspection station and the security of auxiliary equipment.

In order to effectively implement security checks, and to facilitate the passengers into the station at the same time, saving equipment, at the station the station hall district near each major stops paying brake unit of the lateral site set up appropriate subway security inspection device. Subway security inspection device set number should be combined with the station building type, size, passenger flow organization, AFC ticket machine layout factors such as comprehensive consideration. When a station fire, explosion, etc., which endanger the safety of the passengers personal situation to evacuate the passengers of public area, quick adjustment of single security inspection equipment machine, liquid tester desktop support device and so on subway security inspection device, change after the use of the roller to move it to does not affect the position of the passenger emergency evacuation, rapidly through public area to evacuate the passengers.

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