It should reference some aspect of the company

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Astros Focused On Acquiring Starting Pitching - RealGM Wiretap
The Houston Astros are focused on improving their starting rotation ahead of the non-waiver trade deadline.

The offense has looked much better since George Springer was moved to the leadoff spot and the bullpen has been much more effective recently as well.

Houston could dangle Carlos Gomez as part of a trade package.

Unpaid Wages Become Growing Concern For Soccer Players - RealGM Wiretap

Unpaid wages are a growing concern among professional soccer players. The reasons vary nike air max thea uk , whether it is due to corrupt executives or overspending in the pursuit of trophies, but the problem reflects larger economic turmoil.

Eastern Europe, where the global financial crisis has hit hardest, is among the regions most notorious for not paying players. In a 2011 survey of about 3,200 players there, 41.4 percent complained of missing pay, according to FIFPro nike air max thea womens sale , an organization that represents pro players.

Racing Santander has had one of the most severe situations. The club has spent 77 of the past 83 seasons in Spains top two divisions, but was in debt when purchased in 2011 by Indian businessman Ahsan Ali Syed. The collapse was exacerbated, players said, by the work of a previous president, Angel Lavin.

“Last season, there was debt, but at the end of the day nike air max 95 womens sale , everything was O.K.,” said Mario Fernández, the team’s goalkeeper. “This season started off badly. The salary for July came in August. After that came the lies from the president.”

Craig May Return If Cardinals Make World Series - RealGM Wiretap

The St. Louis Cardinals could have Allen Craig back in the lineup if they are able to advance to the World Series.

Craig has been out since Sept. 4 with a ligament strain in his left foot and is inactive for the NLCS.

According to John Mozeliak, Craig visited foot doctor Robert Anderson in North Carolina and was cleared for increased baseball activities.

The Cardinals are hopeful that if he continues to progress, he could be activated if they reach the World Series, largely to play a role as a pinch hitter.

Could Dodgers Discuss Extension With Howie Kendrick - RealGM Wiretap

Howie Kendrick has been such an excellent fit with the Los Angeles Dodgers that there may be the possibility of a contract extension before he hits free agency in the fall.

The 31-year-old is hitting .370.431.674 and has helped improve L.A.'s clubhouse chemistry.

Dodgers prospect Corey Seager is playing well at Double-A, but figures to be a long-term fixture at shortstop. That leaves room for Kendrick to play second.

锘? Title: Is logo design magic? It's true and in fact it is a beautiful thing: a good logo can seem magical. Here is the plain truth about logo design: a good designer will spend tens of hours (or more) in developing a company logo. A respectable logo requires research nike air max 95 uk , brainstorming and a great attention to craft. Design firms charge about $125 an hour for creative and freelancers charge around $75. People must begin to understand the value of good design and the work that it requires. Please go to http:www.logosarea to get your Logo designed. It simply costs that much to run the business with good designers, competent support, decent facilitiesequipment and come out of it with a fair profit. If hiring a good design firm or freelancer is still too much for you to swallow here's another option ? go to a good book store and pick up a good logo book like: "Design Your Own Logo". Though you might get it for $4.98 but how can one learn a skill that has taken others years of schooling and experience to grasp? Unlike an icon or a button designed to go on your website, a logo is intended to be used on everything a company owns and produces for the next decade or so. It represents the company. It should be clear and simple but at the same time be rich with meaning. It should reference some aspect of the company though at times it may be too abstract for the viewer to immediately make the connection. Please go to http:www.logosarea to get your Logo designed A good designer will begin by spending a significant amount of time researching the company, it's industry and the competition. This will be followed by dozens upon dozens of pencil sketches. There's nothing magic about it, the process takes a significant amount of time. In 1986 Paul Rand designed the logo for Steve Jobs Next Computers for $100,000 ( Playing by Mr. Rand's Rules ). That means that he potentially spent 1000 hours in developing that logo. Don't get me wrong nike air max 2014 womens sale , the hours involved may seem long and tedious but a logo to me is by far one of the most enjoyable kind of projects to work on. Most designers go through their own variation of what I believe is basically the same process. It begins with research. Research is crucial -- among other things it should involve learning about the company, finding out who their audience is, what the industry is like and what type of imagery might be appropriate for inspiration. Following the research I like to just let my brain spill -- I do dozens of really bad pencil sketches, generating as many unique ideas as I can. When I feel that I've explored as many possibilities as I can bear I then select several of my sketches and I turn to the computer to rebuild and refine them. From those I then chose 2 or 3 that I like enough to spruce up and present to the client. These first concepts are designed in black and white only. I feel that this is important, it's a kind of "lowest common denominator" insurance. Somewhere down the road nearly every company is forced to use a black and white version of their logo for something. If the design is first good in black and white then it can only get better with color (well that's the theory anyhow). After this first presentation the client has to chose which of the 2-3 .

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