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锘? On 22nd May 2003 Joe Allen Jersey UK , a Bodybuilder died. Scott Klein was found lying dead on his bed at 5.00am by his mother. He died of cardio-vascular disease and kidney failure. His death may have had absolutely nothing to do with bodybuilding, but 30 year old men do not die suddenly with kidney failure unless there is some known genetic weakness and, as far as I am aware, that was not the case here. In the same week that I heard about Scott Klein I read detailed reports of the illness of Tom Prince - another great bodybuilder - with ulcers and kidney problems.

One of the all time great bodybuilders Lee Priest was soon to announce with immediate effect his retirement from competition. It had already been rumoured that he had health problems in the past but it was hardly surprising with massive weight swings and an excessive intake of junk food. But anyway he said he was no longer interested in the sport because of what was happening to some great athletes and that in the end we only have our health and that some of the top bodybuilders didn't even have that.

Similarly Milos Sarchev retired from contests after the Hungarian GP on June 8th Joao Carlos Teixeira Jersey UK , when he finished 6th and failed to qualify for the 2003 Mr. Olympia. He also cited health reasons for giving up. Milos has been at the top level for many years and has probably competed in more Pro contests than any other bodybuilder, ever. He obviously enjoyed the competition and has come back after suffering serious injury with a rupture of the quadriceps in his right leg. Such mechanical type injuries can happen to anyone in any sport that pushes the body to the limits. But Milos has had direct experience of internal health risks associated with top level bodybuilding. He suffered an almost fatal embolism a year or two ago when he had a blood clot, caused by using Synthol, detach from an artery and cause a blockage in his lung.

More and more top level amateurs and professionals were reporting or admitting to serious health problems. Orville Burke suffered an injury during a post-Olympia photo shoot and needed an operation on a shoulder and elbow. One medical team refused to work on him because of his poor health; another did so only after a report and approval from a heart consultant. Orville suffered serious problems during surgery resulting in kidney failure and his lapsing into a coma. He is still receiving treatment as he slowly recovers but his bodybuilding career is over.

Mike Francois Jerome Sinclair Jersey UK , a great physique until a few years ago suffered serious internal problems, which ended his career. Nasser el Sonbaty withdrew from the Night of the Champions 2003 in New York for health reasons and it is reported that his bodybuilding career is finished. Flex Wheeler has had his pro Card withdrawn for "health reasons" and it is rumoured that he may need a kidney transplant. Don Long, another top American, also required a kidney transplant - his sister had to give up a kidney to save him.

Ron Teufel James Milner Jersey UK , top American in the late 1970's has died at 45 years of age. Now, you can argue that all of these problems may have nothing to do with drugs. And in some cases you may be correct. But the overall picture of young men, the apparent epitome of strength, fitness and masculinity Jack Dunn Jersey UK , who ought to be in glowing health - or at least not seriously unhealthy - is severely damaged when so many are having serious, life threatening and in some cases fatal illnesses.

I have talked about several drugs which aren't anabolic steroids, and are taken by competing bodybuilders but professionals are at the cutting edge of the game. These pros are very well connected with the drug gurus who are permanently looking out for new material which is able to push that freaky physique on just that bit further. These products are able to make that all important difference to muscle size and vascularity and not forgetting to mention the guru's added earning potential. These top pros need bodies with potent drug handling genetics in order to handle such high doses and complex drug cocktails over long periods of time.

A pro's life is controlled by his sport and his earning potential. There is a very limited time scale for high earning at the top so during this period a pro needs to maximise earnings, because once they start dropping down the rankings they must take radical steps to keep on course - more drugs over longer periods just to carry on competing at this level and this isn't healthy at all.

The pro body building scene isn't really what it's made out to be. Training is hard and those heavy weights lead to joint problems and in the modern day era heavy means heavy and injuries are high on the agenda. In addition we have a high food intake including high protein content which over works the digestive system Emre Can Jersey UK , the kidneys and the liver. This deadly combination causes high blood pressure and accompanied by potent drug cocktails, the stress factor on the body organs is tremendous. The human body needs rest, but there's no rest for a pro bodybuilder.

American football is quite similar in a way as regards the high demands on the body. We are talking about big guys training hard, pounding into each other and the resulting serious injuries. Then there are the drugs to consider Divock Origi Jersey UK , although I can only guess what they may take. The dosage level would be a lot less to that of bodybuilders and they without a doubt receive better medical assistance. Another important point is that the American Football season lasts just 4 months allowing more time to recover.

Those readers who are familiar with my column will know that I am not against use of drugs and just like any other real bodybuilding enthusiast; I really do want to see even freakier physiques. But what I am against is young guys killing themselves in the process. It is difficult to say where the line should be drawn, butAs Place Sonny Gray .

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