Buying Low and marketing High FIFA 18

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Buying Low and marketing High

1.Check what percentage coins left in your account
2.Go to transfer market to look cheap fut 18 coins players
3.If the players area unit oversubscribed at the low (min) value and you'll afford it. Buy it
4.Sell it at the high (max) value
5.Use the new account to shop for the player

For example:

1.These area unit just 70k coins left at intervals your primary bill.

3.Buy the ball player with the principal thought and list him available at 99k (the price should be unique).

4.Buy 99k participant beside the new bill and record him at 59k.

5.Buy back beside buy fut 18 coins key bill and listing on the market at 99k once more.

6.Now you may get coins that area unit 40k once steps 3-5, replicate these steps until most of the coins been transmitted.BY here now... well done, more fut 18 coin from here. so cheap!

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