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Some Fire Department Training Ideas Some Fire Department Training Ideas April 29 Cristian Ansaldi Jersey , 2014 | Author: Juana Buchanan | Posted in Education
If one is a newcomer in the world of firefighting, then he would first have to undergo some very tough training in order to do his job done. Now when the newbies would first enter the department, the seniors will act as their trainers and will come up with fire department training ideas for them. It is through these modules that the newbies will be able to perform properly if a situation occurs.

Now in order to officially start the session, the seniors will have to make sure that each and everyone is physically fit. If one is not physically fit, then he will not be able to act properly when there is a real situation. So the first part of any training session would be a body workout that would strengthen the muscles and stamina.

Now if one is able to complete the fitness exercises, then the next thing that he would concentrate on would be putting on the gear. Now if one is a firefighter, he will have to dress up in his uniform as fast as he can. The senior trainers will be timing how fast the juniors can put on their uniforms when they hear the alarm.

Now aside from this type of exercise, they will also be timed on how long they take to slide down the pole and get the equipment. The senior trainers will also be timing how long they will take here. The juniors will have to be able to have everything ready in just a few minutes so that they can take off.

Now one of the most important of the pieces of equipment that they should learn about would be the hose. The firefighters also have to make sure that they are very fast when it comes to attaching two lines of the hose to the hydrant. Of course the seniors will also be timing how fast they can do this.

After the seniors have already gotten the newbies accustomed to these types of exercises, then the seniors will try to take them by surprise. They will do this by performing fire drills which will make the newbies think that there is an actual fire. From there, the seniors will test how the newbies would really react in a situation.

Now of course the last part of the training process would actually be the real situation. Now the seniors would usually perform a simulation which means that the newbies will be experiencing an actual fire made by the trainers. This will help them know exactly what to do when they are already there on the spot.

Basically Borja Valero Jersey , they will run through the whole process of suiting up, getting the equipment ready, and driving to the site. The trainer will direct them to the site where they are supposed to be and the newcomers will have to drive there. After that, they will be put in the situation where they would have to put out the fire without the help of the trainers.

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