Man gives up on the Lakers mid-game

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Man gives up on the Lakers mid-game, puts a Warriors jersey over his Lakers jersey at STAPLES Center. Chase happiness!AAAAH: Old Burger King ads starring pitchman Dell Curry and his young son Stephen!TONIGHT TONIGHT: Your ESPN doubleheader features Knicks-Heat and Grizzlies-Thunder. Enjoy.Happy Wednesday. See madden mobile coins you next time.Stan Van Gundy was as distraught about a loose ball as anyone ever has been -

The Pistons had a chance to recover a loose ball, but instead the ball ended up out of bounds to set up a jump ball after officials were unable to determine possession.It was a fairly standard play that gets lost as an inconsequential line in the play-by-play. Well, to everyone except for.

Stan Van Gundy.Based on that reaction, you might think Van Gundy just witnessed the most heinous play in NBA history. Not just a random jump ball with 8 minutes to play.We don't even know what Van Gundy is upset about. Maybe he thought his players should have corralled the ball.

Maybe he thought it should have been ruled off of Boston. But, none of that really matters because Stan Van Gundy is the best and makes a random loose ball one of the most entertaining moments in the game. The Pistons won the jump ball and went on to win the game so hopefully Stan is a little happier now.

Heat greet Kristaps Porzingis to Miami by dunking all over him View all 7 stories Draymond Green is a traveling machine and Lakers announcers have had enough -

Draymond Green has been having anamazing season. He recently hadthree straight triple doubles, something only Madden 18 Coins 15 players in the history of the NBA had done before. The Lakers announcers were not mesmerized by Draymond's play, however, because they could not help but notice that he was traveling all over the pace.Exhibit A: Draymond is dancing instead of pivoting. Exhibit B: Theunnecessaryhop.Draymond, people are watching. Stop traveling.* * *SB Nation presents: East Coasters' solution to late Warriors games

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