Where to Buy Cheap Runescape Gold For Double XP Weekend

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The XP extravaganza will last from 12:00 UTC Friday the 15th until 12:00 UTC Monday the 18th of September. If you want to prepare their accounts in order to maximise efficiency and experience gains. You can buy Cheap Runescape Gold on our site.

Since Invention batch 2 is released on the 18th of September, just after double XP weekend ends, we've extended the double XP period for invention blueprints.

The Slug Menace is the second quest in the sea slug series, which involves the player investigating strange occurrences in Witchaven.15 years ago today, the Sea Slug menace started!Brainwashing never looked so slimy.

Join the RuneScape community for 72 hours of XP awesomeness in this much-loved skilling event.

Read on for full details of the event and make the most of its magnificent XP bonuses. See you in game!

How Does It Work?
Each Double XP Weekend lasts for 72 hours, during which base XP for most combat and skilling activities is increased:

+100% for RuneScape members
+20% for free players

The opportunity is to leave the prepared person, and if you want to get more XP, you should do some investment. Buying Cheap Runescape 3 Gold is the best preparation of September.

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RE: Where to Buy Cheap Runescape Gold For Double XP Weekend

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Study RuneScape Pieces of Hate Guide for Big Book o Piracy And More

Hello everyone,today we will talking about RuneScape Pieces of Hate,With the release of RuneScape Pieces of Hate, what you need most right now is the RS Pieces of Hate guide, right? Here we will share one and cheap RuneScape mobile gold with you. Then you can quickly win the Big book o’ piracy etc with Drunk dragon and Blurberry special.

What items do you need to prepare first?
After meeting all the requirements of Pieces of Hate quest, you also need to prepare:
2 Leather: Made by giving a cowhide a tanner, or using the Make Leather spell with Magic 83.
Gold bar: Created by using a gold ore with a furnace at level 40 Smithing, or casting the Superheat item spell on gold ore.
Blurberry special (Premade works): Made at level 37 Cooking or bought from the Blurberry's Bar. And it heals 200 to 740 life points according to your Constitution.
Drunk dragon (Premade works): Made at level 32 Cooking and heals 200 to 640 life points of yours.
Chocolate saturday (Premade works): Made at level 33 Cooking and heals 200 to 600 life points.

What should you note during the quest?
1.Never use a dungeoneering cape to teleport to Braindeath Island at any point in the quest.
2.After catching the rat Wilson, the correct chat options are 3, 4, 2 and 4.
3.It is recommended to resupply before heading to Braindeath Island.
4.It’s not safe to die during the fight with Rabin Jack, for when you die or teleport you will have to start from the beginning.
5.Finally ensure you have 6 free spots in your inventory to claim the rewards.

What can you get upon completion of the quest?
The rewards from Pieces of Hate include:
2 quest points
50,000 Agility XP lamp
50,000 Construction XP lamp
50,000 Firemaking XP lamp
50,000 Thieving XP lamp
5 Black pearl (Zogoth)
Rabid Jack hat, sword and off-hand variant cosmetic overrides
Big Book o’ Piracy
Improved pirate impling loot
An improved chance at master clues from the Skeletal horror
Holy wrench (which can work with Dungeoneering prayer necklaces now)
2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Anyways,we hope you have a good lucky,please make full preparations for Pieces of Hate with cheap RuneScape gold from us.

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Enjoy Competition for Upcoming Rebuilding Edgeville RuneScape

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Today we discuss Upcoming Rebuilding Edgeville RuneScape,recently Jagex is having a little competition for the update of RuneScape rebuilding Edgeville, which was devastated by the Dragonkin attack. And you can write a lore book or diary entry to get an NPC named after you & a lore book in game. If interested, please learn more and buy cheap RuneScape gold here.

What do you need to do for the competition?

It’s very simple, and you just need to write a 250-word lore book or diary entry, as if you were a generic human NPC found wandering Edgeville and witnessed the attack on Edgeville. You can write how you felt; what you thought; you lived in Edgeville, or a travelling visitor; or you were completely unaware of the whole event and slept all the way during it. It’s all up to you.

What rules do you need to follow?

1.To make it as challenging as possible, what you write must be limited into 250 words. Even if one word over, it will not get through. However, the word cap doesn’t include the title.

2.The book must be from the view of the NPC described above.

3.Each person is only allowed one entry.

4.You can submit your entry on the official thread before Mar 30.

What prize can the winner get?

The winner entry will get their story in game. At the same time, there will be a generic human NPC named after you in game giving out the book, or wandering Edgeville telling what you witnessed etc.

Thanks everyone,Please note that because of time limit the NPC and the book will not be updated along with the release. And it will be added shortly after with a game update. Anyway, will you like to give it a go? Just have fun and buy OSRS Gold from us.

The RSgoldonline Team

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Join In Ninja Updates Coming on Monday like RuneScape Slayer Gem Packs

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Part of Ninja updates coming on Mar 26 have just been revealed, including Slayer gem packs RuneScape, changes to Vengeance & disruption shield and etc. Let’s preview them in advance and get cheap OSRS gold from us.

What kinds of Ninja updates have been revealed?
Next week, on Monday there will a lot of awesome Ninja updates released in game. And here we will list some of them:
1.There will be Slayer gem packs added, which some players think make it easier to stockpile resources to make Slayer rings.
2.Fiends chat favourites can be used soon. However, the RS team cannot make multiple friends chat channels open at the same time, which requires engine work.
3.Vengeance & disruption shield will not be affected by GCD, which is especially great for Shattered Worlds.
4.Skillcape perks are visible on max/comp tooltip.
5.Reaper tasks can be seen on the Slayer counter.
6.Grand Exchange buy limits will be visible, which means you can know the buy limit of the category of the item you are buying.
Many players are very excited about these new improvements, and believe these improvements will be very useful for them. All in all, they just cannot wait to enjoy them.

Other upcoming Ninja improvements
Apart from the above changes updated on Monday, there will be some other Ninja changes in the coming weeks, including repairable augmented degrade to dust, the task set/achievement diary gear becoming free overrides and more.

Anyway, you can enjoy them very soon.What do you think of these new RuneScape Ninja improvements? What is more, if you need cheap RuneScape gold, RSorder is definitely a very safe place for you to get the gold, not to mention it can be delivered successfully within 10 minutes. Please always keep an eye on us for cheap RuneScape gold and further information.

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