Osrs Cabin Fever Guide with Cheap RS 07 Gold

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If you are experienced players.Complete Cabin Fever to win rewards:7k Smithing xp, 7k Crafting xp, 7k Agility xp, a Little book of Piracy, and 10k gp if you talk to Bill Teach at the end.You will need 2 Ecto-tokens and Ghostspeak amulet if you have not completed Ghost's Ahoy to access Port Phasmatys, or 3500 coins to charter a ship. You can Buy Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold on www.rsgoldonline.com 24/7.

First:you should make sure you are member. Talk to Bill Teach in the Port Phasmatys and to be a pirate. Board the Adventurous for a trip to Mos Le'Harmless.Accoding the captain to ruin the other ships cannon. Go upstairs and climb the climbing net.On the other ship,plunder the plunder-chest, ransack the barrel, and loot the crate. Go into the hold and get 3 cannonballs and 3 fuses and on the deck get 3 lots of gunpowder. Once you arrive, you will be awarded.

Congratulations! Quest Complete! Skill/Other Requirements:42 Agility 45,Crafting 50 Smithing,40 Ranged. Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
The Great Brain Robbery. Don't forget to buy cheap RS 2007 Gold to help you complete this quest.

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RE: Osrs Cabin Fever Guide with Cheap RS 07 Gold

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Besides the basics of Theatre of Blood OSRS we have revealed previously, today we will share some possible rewards from Raids 2, such as Infernal Defender, Sanguinesti staff, and Ghrazi rapier etc. Moreover, it’s very easy and safe to buy Runescape 2007 Gold For Sale on our site.

Test Raids 2 rewards in Tournament worlds
From now on the possible rewards for Theatre of Blood (except potions and Judgement Prayer) can be tested in Tournament worlds, where you can choose your own stats and travel anywhere in Gielinor. Besides, you can test each item fully before they are polled for nothing is locked on these worlds.

Infernal defender - created by Infernal hilt and Dragon defender
The infernal defender would be an upgraded version of the Dragon defender and could be equipped with level 70 Attack and 70 Defence. To create it, you need combine the Infernal hilt (a potential reward from the final boss of the Theatre of Blood) with a Dragon defender. Just remember the Infernal hilt is tradeable while the completed Infernal defender is not.

Sanguinesti staff - new tradeable Magic weapon
Another tradeable reward - Sanguinesti staff requires Magic level 75 to wield and has the same stats and damage with that of the Trident of the swamp. In addition, it has a 1/8 chance to heal you for 50% of the damage dealt when attacking an NPC.

Ghrazi rapier - new tradeable stab weopon
The Ghrazi rapier can be wield with 75 Attack and has the same attack speed and attack bonus of the Abyssal tentacle, but with the focus being on stab and a slight slash bonus.

What is more, you also have a chance to get Justiciar armour, Vampyrium vambraces, Scythe of vitur and Sinhaza shroud. You can begin your test on them and buy OSRS Gold cheap from us.

Enjoy Theatre of Blood OSRS Rewa


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