OSRS Devious Minds Quest Guide With Cheap RS 07 Gold

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Devious Minds Release date 19 December 2005. That is one of Quest series The Return of Zaros. This quuest fit Official difficulty for Experienced. If you need complete well this quest, you should need some Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold.

No-one likes to miss a good ceremony, least of all a poor lowly monk who needs your assistance! Will you be able to aid him and make his dreams come true? Follow the guide:
1 Talk to the monk outside of the temple east of varrock
2 A strange weapon.Use the mithril 2h sword on the whetstone to make a slender blad inDoric's house.Attach the bow string to it to make the bow-sword.Head back to the monk.Use the orb on the Large pouch.
3 Use your pouch on the altar.Head back to the monk.Search the Dead monk.
4 Go back to Entrana and speak with the High Priest. (Minigame Group Finder Rat Pits teleport will take players to Port Sarim. Requires Ratcatchers quest)
Quest Rewards
1 Quest Quest point
5,000 Fletching-icon Fletching experience
5,000 Runecrafting-icon Runecrafting experience
6,500 Smithing-icon Smithing experience

If you want to complete this quest. Requirement.65 Smithing-icon Smithing (boostable),50 Runecrafting-icon Runecrafting,50 Fletching-icon Fletching. Don't forget to buy Cheap OSRS Gold to upgrade your skills, you need these guide.

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