Final Fantasy XV is based around the Fabula

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Final Fantasy XV is a classic MMO game that was originally announced back to 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and has been renamed and reworked to become a new installment in the main series. FFXI Gil。 This game is more of an action RPG than previous titles in the series, and is notable for featuring a darker and more realistic tone. Final Fantasy XV is based around the Fabula Nova Crystallis in universe mythology, but the game's plot is not limited to previous entries.

The plot focuses the protagonist, Noctis, who is a prince of a place called Lucis. Lucis and nearby Niflheim have claimed a truce between them which ends a war over crystals. Niflheim, not to go through with the deal, but decides to invade and start a new level of hellish attacks. It will be up to Noctis to flee and try to beat the component forces in this Earth-like land.

The action of Fast-Paced combat is been Designed to be more action-based, the battle system will permit for flexibility in how to defeat enemies and a fast pace. Realistic, Darker Setting, in a departure for the series, the setting of Final Fantasy XV is less apparently fantasy and partly based on several real-world locations.

Final Fantasy Story Focus and Characters has not changed are the characters gamer will meet and fight alongside, as well as a deeper storyline that influenced the decision to make it a countable entry in the series.huhuyao189。

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