FIFA 15 measures

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To stop this illegal trade, EA Sports took the introduction of FIFA 15 measures. Each FUT gamers got an e-mail stating that buy coins leads to a ban. In practice, this was it. Probably bought too many players coins to make it feasible for EA Sports to hand out bans. At various forums give players simply have to buy coins or to do even daily. Occasionally someone got a spell, but the majority came with it.

A disadvantage of the unlimited amount of coins daily pumped into the market, just as in the real economy, inflation. The prices of players rocketed and rare versions and upgrades were untraceable. EA Sports used a price ceiling of 15 million coins. Once a virtual player who had reached border, he disappeared from the market and then then came up regularly on ebay, where the corresponding account for an even higher amount was offered. More and more players hit the ceiling and in combination with the loss of revenue, EA Sports decided last week to a drastic measure: reduce the price ceiling. FUT 16 coins. The main motivation of the producer is stopping coin sellers. By giving each player a minimum and maximum price, it is difficult for illegal traders to make their offerings.

For gamers who just had to introduce expensive players purchased, this caused a lot of frustration. They saw their teams are suddenly halved in value. But the choice of EA Sports to make the prices the same for PC, Playstation and Xbox, creates even more problems. Prices varied in the different markets. On the Playstation market was all the most expensive, since there generated the most coins were. On the Xbox was a little cheaper on the PC significantly cheaper. Messi paid you a few million on the PC market, but now players can not offer him less than five million. That means he has become virtually unsaleable, while Messi Playstation was a few days untraceable. Who wanted to buy him, had to be patient and look for hours, until finally one appeared.

Last weekend there was even panic in the transfer market, because EA Sports, prices for a number of players has decreased again. No one dares to buy more, so many gamers stuck to players who can be sold with no option.huhuyao189.

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