R type Iron Core Power Low Frequency Transformer

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R-type transformer, with unique structure and used as the power supply and control transformer for electronic equipment, instruments, medical, monitoring and other equipment. Compared with EI-type transformer, there are the following advantages:

1. Small and lightweight

R-type transformer is 30% smaller, 40% lighter and 40% thinner; suitable for high density mounting.

2. High efficiency

R-type transformer selected by Diebold and characterized by high-quality materials and compact structure minimizes the distance between the iron core and the coils plus the iron core itself without cutting, with an average length of coils decreased by 6%-10% and low iron loss, so its efficiency is up to 90%.

3. Low magnetic flux leakage

The iron core of R-type transformer has no air gap and balanced winding, so the magnetic flux leakage is less than 90%.

4. Low temperature rise and energy consumption

R-type transformer has uniform circular cross section and continuous winding, resulting in resistance loss, heat, excitation current and energy consumption. Plus its unique structure, it is easy to absorb magnetostrictive stress, thus inhibiting the equipment noise and other issues.

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