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One of the cheap pandora rings online first things you’ll be told when you get a Pandora bracelet is, ‘Get clips. ’ It can’t really be stressed enough! Clips are very important. But, let’s start from the beginning. Clips are exactly what they sound like – hinged charms that snap straight on to your bracelet. If you look at a Pandora bracelet, you will see that it is sectioned off into three sections. The two threads in the middle of the bracelet, dividing it up, are where you should attach your clips. Clips are important for a number of reasons. They help you to keep your charms in separate sections. When building a bracelet, you should aim for an even distribution of charms in each section. If you let all your charms hang in one section alone, it places increased strain on that part of the bracelet. This can cause the links to stretch, and the bracelet to kink or even break. Using clips allows you to keep charms evenly distributed, and helps you to prevent them from bunching up. Safety chains are attached either side of the clasp. The idea is that, in the unlikely event of your bracelet clasp failing, the safety chain will prevent the bracelet from just falling right off your wrist. However, I have to say that you read about far more instances of the bracelet chain itself snapping than the clasp falling open – and the safety chain won’t help in the instance of the chain breaking. Still, lots of people opt to have them, just for peace of mind. Besides, many Pandora fans love the way they look anyway. Pandora offer two kinds of safety chain: ones that screw on, and ones that clip on. The advantage of having safety chains that clip on is that you don’t have to take all your charms off to attach the first end of it – you can just clip it straight on to the chain. However, many people opt for screw-on safety chains. Clip-on safety chains have to sit either side of the threads right by the clasp – they won’t fit over them, meaning that they inevitably have to take up two charms’ worth of bracelet real estate.;) On the other hand, the screw-on safety chains will sit nicely on those pandora rose gold rings two threads, hiding them and not taking up any room on the chain itself. Consequently, there are advantages to both kinds of safety chains.

Probably the cheap pandora rings sale most prolific Pandora YouTuber, Jordana used to be a manager at a Pandora store. She offers not only expert tips on Pandora jewellery, but also some interesting insights as to what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at Pandora. She has somewhat slowed down with the Pandora videos over the last couple of months, but she has stacked up quite a catalogue of videos to watch. Her videos include innovative ideas on how to wear the Pandora leather bracelets, ‘how to’s on caring for your jewellery and designing your bracelets, and just shots of her own beautiful (and amazingly extensive! ) collection. This is the first post in my bracelet showcase series, and so I’ve decided that it would be fitting to show my first ever Pandora bracelet! If I get more readers, what I’d like to do is showcase your bracelets: ) however, in the meantime, I’ll be sharing my collection, bracelet by bracelet.:)This one was given to me on Valentine’s Day 2012 by my boyfriend. He always laughs about that as, when we went into the shop and I realised that he wanted to buy me a bracelet, I got super, super shy. I was so embarrassed that he was getting me such a big gift that I barely said a word to him or to the sales assistant when they were trying the bracelet on me. Obviously I was thrilled, but I just didn’t know what to say! Awkward girl.;)This bracelet is obviously really close to my heart. It has some of my most special charms and memories on it. It encapsulates, for me, the beginning of my relationship: all the little first milestones, those first happy butterfly feelings! The first charm I got (it came with the bracelet) was the African elephant charm. I loved elephants when I was little, and it just seemed like a perfect ‘Ellie’ charm! In the UK, they are known as the ‘Fizzle’ muranos. For some reason, the pink version of this set is not available here in the UK – has anyone else found that it’s not available yet in their market? Rumour has it that it will be released in the UK, but with the Winter collection on the 4th of November. I’m not quite sure as to the reasoning behind this, but hopefully it proves correct pandora birthstone rings sale


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