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It must be pandora charms sale uk best-kept secret: news has broken of a brand new airline exclusive travel charm! It has been, apparently, available on selected airlines since September 2nd – however, fans have only just got to hear of it, after a fan posted a picture online. There’s not much that doesn’t get leaked ahead of schedule, so for Pandora to not only release a charm, but for the community to miss it until two weeks after its release is something of a feat! The charm is a variation on the popular existing suitcase charm. Instead of the traditional markings, however, the suitcase now has a translucent red enamel heart alongside the words ‘I <3 to travel’. On the other side, some of the continents are listed. There seems to be the potential for this charm to actually be somewhat hard to get hold of – unlike many of Pandora’s limited edition charms. I personally find that quite exciting. I know that some fans may be disappointed that it’s not easily obtainable, but I like the idea that there are some charms that you have to hunt for! I also like the design, with its little enamel heart. The current version of the suitcase has been on my wishlist for some time, and I’m now quite glad that I never got around to purchasing it – it may be superseded by this new version!;)Today’s post is moving away from Pandora jewellery itself. Instead, this is a spotlight on a potential solution to storing your jewellery – Stackers jewellery boxes. These boxes are a really great solution to storing your jewellery, due to their versatility. Stackers produce their jewellery boxes in layers, which you can stack together to make a jewellery box of your design ( a bit like mixing and matching Pandora charms until they suit you! ). This means that you can create a jewellery box that caters to your exact needs: i. e. you can have a tray to store your earrings, another with long trays to store your Pandora bracelets, and then a pandora uk outlet sale deeper tray to store any boxes or larger accessories.

They pandora charms uk sale come in three sizes: mini, medium and large. They also are available in a range of colours and designs. The concept is also useful in other ways. For example, you can decide which jewellery to take abroad, and just take the top layer with the lid. It’s very versatile and adaptable! I’ve opted for Stackers’s most popular option, the medium sized jewellery box. I only have the one tray at the moment – the top one, with the lid. However, a little birdie tells me that I might be getting two more for my birthday this month – so we’ll wait and see!;) Stackers don’t actually produce this colour version of the jewellery box anymore – they discontinued it this summer. However, they do still have a large variety of pretty patterns to choose from. Hey guys, and welcome to Mora Pandora – a brand new blog focusing on content exclusively about Pandora’s charm jewellery. Things are still getting up and running, but I’m planning a whole host of features for you – collection reviews, bracelet showcases, previews of some exciting and lots of other fun features. They should start appearing over the next week or so. I’ll be getting you the most up to date news on the jewellery, but I’ll also be publishing lots of fun content just about Pandora, and how to get the most out of Pandora’s lively community online. If you want to know anything more about me and the blog, I’ve included some more details in the About section: )I’m really excited to be starting this and I can’t wait to get the first few posts up! What can I say? An essential for the dedicated Pandora fan. I just love the details on this little bag – the ribbon and the handles are just too cute. The bag also has the Pandora logo on the bottom. The only potential downside is that it is quite big, as far as charms go – but worth the bracelet real estate, in my opinion! (On a side note – this won’t be available on its own in the UK until 4th November. It is currently only available as part of a bracelet starter set, priced at £99 – not a marketing strategy of Pandora’s that I particularly admire! pandora uk sale clearance


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