FIFA 15 -Record Breaker Ronaldo in Team

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The extreme market crash is happening people, EA is doing it again, on this occasion another solution phenomenal team each week, led by the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. It is no ordinary Ronaldo though, it is just a record breaker Ronaldo that's additionally a striker....A STRIKER. The very last time a striker Ronaldo was released, he went for 15 million FIFA 15 coins with account for around 5 days, with price caps, he still might fall over kids of 15 million.
Ronaldo's card looks phenomenal now becomes the most effective player amongst people, as a consequence of his natural striker position he gets full chemistry, and links with both Neymar and Bale perfectly.
He's not the sole amazing card now though, we've got the young Luis Suarez in advance just as one in form that appears to become the next best card amongst gamers, he's become thew new Ibrahimovic, only better. Amazing stats along the board, with the exceptional teammate Dani Alves also offers a great card, there are limited good right backs hanging around, and Dani Alves' inform would be the right one in addition to Lahm's ToTY card. Other solid cards which will be underrated are Diego's who looks solid, and Clint Dempsey's who's going to be now the best MLS player amongst gamers.

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