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Through their discussions Ben Zobrist Jersey , Obama said he had a better understanding of Chinese people's cherishing of their national unity and stability.

The discussions should not be forgotten, accidentally or intentionally. Nor should the U.S leader's words the following day be forgotten.

Then, in another meeting with Obama, Xi outlined six priorities in building a new type of major-country relationship, one of which goes that it is inevitable to have differences Kris Bryant Jersey , but the two sides should always resort to dialogue and not act against each other's core interests.

The U.S. president stressed that the United States acknowledges Tibet as part of the People's Republic of China and does not back independence for the region.

Issues regarding Tibet concern China's core interests and national sentiments.

Obama had met the Dalai Lama, a political exile who has long engaged in anti-China secessionist activities in the name of religion, three times before the discussions in the Zhongnanhai compound.

Despite the Dalai Lama's preaching of peace, tolerance and benevolence, his main political objective has always been to pursue Tibet independence.

After the coming-together at Yingtai Kyle Schwarber Jersey , the U.S. leader should understand any meeting with the Dalai Lama would harm China-U.S. ties and hurt the Chinese people's feelings.

China's stance on the issue has been clear and solemn representations have been lodged in the past. China is firmly opposed to any meeting between any country's leader and the Dalai Lama in any form.

The U.S. government led by President Obama should stick to its commitments on Tibet, and properly settle related issues with the overall interests of China-U.S. relations in mind.

The Yingtai discussions deepened mutual understanding and led to major progress in a wide range of areas, including reciprocal visa arrangements and confidence-building measures between the two militaries.

More of such positive actions are welcome to keep enhancing ties between the two great countries.

HAVANA, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- Cuba's former president and revolutionary leader Fidel Castro met Tuesday with prominent Brazilian liberation theologist Frei Betto, state daily Granma reported Wednesday.

Betto Javier Baez Jersey , a Dominican-born friar, political activist and author who last year received the Jose Marti Prize awarded by UNESCO, is in Cuba to attend an educational congress in Havana.

According to Granma, Castro and Betto discussed various national and international topics, including Betto's meeting with Pope Francis on April 9 Chicago Cubs Hats , 2014. Images of the meeting were not published.

Since retiring in 2006 due to a life-threatening intestinal ailment, Castro, 88, has remained largely out of the public eye, but this is the second time in as many days that his name has appeared in the news.

On Tuesday Chicago Cubs Hoodie , the veteran leader expressed his support for the current Cuban-U.S. efforts to normalize diplomatic ties after five decades of animosity, but added "I don't trust" the United States.

His remarks received wide coverage in the U.S. media, as they were his first public reaction to the Dec. 17 announcement that the two countries had agreed on a rapprochement.

WELLINGTON, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- The summer thaw in Antarctica has revealed a century-old notebook from one of the frozen continent's early European explorers, the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust announced Monday.

The trust's conservation specialists found the notebook outside British explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott's expedition base at Cape Evans Chicago Cubs T-Shirts , according to the trust.

The photographic exposure notebook had belonged to surgeon, zoologist and photographer George Murray Levick (1876-1956), who took part in Scott's 1910-1913 expedition.

It contained his pencil notes detailing the dates, subjects and exposure details for the photographs he took during 1911 while at Cape Adare before undergoing a harsh winter in an ice cave on Inexpressible Island.

"It's an exciting find. The notebook is a missing part of the official expedition record. After spending seven years conserving Scott's last expedition building and collection, we are delighted to still be finding new artefacts Customized Cubs Jersey ," trust executive director Nigel Watson said in a statement.

The notebook's binding had been dissolved by 100 years of ice and water damage allowing the pages to be separated and digitized before repair.

Close examination revealed links between the notations in the notebook and photographs held by the Scott Polar Research Institute, in Britain, and attributed to Levick.

Each page of the notebook had been conserved by the trust in New Zealand before being rebuilt into sections and sewn back together in a reconstructed cover, before it was returned to Antarctica as one of 11,000 artefacts at Cape Evans.

Last year Cheap Cubs Jersey , the trust discovered photographic negatives left in Scott's 1911 Cape Evans expedition base.

Levick was a part of the six-man Northern Party of Scott's expedition who spent the summer of 1911-1912 at Cape Adare.

The Northern Party was notable for their surviving the winter of 1912 in a snow cave before sledging back to the Cape Evans base.

Scott died in 1912 on an ill-fated race against Norwegian Roald Amundsen to be the first man at the South Pole.

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