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When it comes to planning a holiday that will provide you with not only masses of fun and entertainment but a feeling of luxury and lavishness , you cannot get much better than a catered chalet skiing holiday. Skiing holidays allow you to not only explore and experience some breath taking landscapes, but also keep active with the fantastic sport of skiing. There are various spots around the globe which house some great skiing resorts, but for one of the best skiing resorts in the world, look no further than M?ribel , France.

Tucked away within the French Alps, M?ribel is a beautiful resort which is so named by the three neighboring villages which surround it M?ribel Centre, M?ribel Mottaret and M?ribel Village. Mostly known for being home to the 1992 Winter Olympics, the resort boasts a magnificent back drop which makes it the perfect getaway for all sports and ski lovers.

Regardless of your level of experience , the resort is the perfect place for skiers of all abilities. Whether you are a novice or an expert at riding the slopes, you will be offered so much in terms of what you can do here perfect for those with families or in a large group of friends. For those who are serious about their skiing, they will be amazed to find themselves skiing on one of the largest ski areas in the world.

With one of the best lift systems to be found anywhere, you will be given the opportunity to ski the three valleys every single day without having to remove your skis and whilst being able to experience the breathtaking scenery. Of course , this isn?t to say you must ski for your whole holiday! The resort also houses an Olympic ice skating rink, swimming pool, bowling alley and a fitness centre all guaranteed to leave you both happily occupied and satisfied.

When it comes to visiting such an Alpine resort like this, there is only one way in which to do it in style. Much of the accommodation available in Meribel is in the form of luxurious chalets which will provide you with comfort no matter what your budget or requirements may be. These luxury catered chalets will be your home away from home during your stay in M?ribel and are sure to leave you with a feeling of sadness once you return back home.

All chalets generally have state of the art technology gadgets such as TVDVD players with built in Freeview boxes , free Wi Fi connection, CD players and boot warmers perfect for those rests in between riding the slopes. For those looking to really splash out and make the most of their vacation, many of the chalets also come with hot tubs, saunas or even Jacuzzi spa baths sure to help you unwind and relax after a busy day on the slopes.

With all of this luxury on offer , you may find no reason at all to leave the comfort of your chalet. However, along with these fantastic facilities, the resort also boasts a wide range of entertainment to keep your evenings as fun as your daytime activities. Around the resort you will find a wide range of restaurants offering some of the best gourmet food in Europe from Michelin Star restaurants to more traditional restaurants, your palette will be spoilt for choice.

Live music , live stand up comedy and DJ acts from all around the world frequently play in the bars and night clubs situated in the resort. With such a broad range of music and entertainment, there really is something for everyone on holiday in M?ribel.

With all of this and more, it comes as to no surprise why Meribel is so popular with many of its visitors returning year after year. So for the perfect combination of luxury, activity , relaxation, entertainment and astounding landscapes why not take a leap and visit M?ribel ? you won?t be disappointed.
They say that a good fence makes good neighbours and this is also true when it comes to pool fences. A strong and well-maintained pool fence is one of the best defences against an accidental drowning.
Pool compliance is more than simply a legal requirement; it is a great safety mechanism as well. The results speak for themselves – drowning deaths in the Under-5 age group have decreased substantially since the legislation came into effect.
Getting a Pool Compliance Certificate is the First Step
You have probably already worked hard to bring your pool up to code or you are in the process of doing so. It is tempting to think that once you have that piece of paper, you no longer need to worry about pool compliance.
Pool compliance is an on-going process; you need to keep the fences and other items in good working order. Click here for more information on pool compliance inspections.
It is a good idea to regularly conduct your own pool fence inspection in order to ensure that your pool’s fence is still as safe as it was. Check for loose wires and boards, amongst others , and make sure that the clasps and hinges are still working as they should.
You will also need to check that the height of the fences above-ground is still correct. Over time, fences can subside or the ground can build up around the fence, meaning that more of the fence becomes buried over time.
Wire fences can also begin to sag with age and this should also be observed. Portions of the fence that are weak or broken should be replaced as quickly as possible for safety reasons.
You should also regularly inspect the garden surrounding the fence for items that could serve as a means to get over the fence. Look for low-hanging branches of trees and common garden refuse.
Another area that we often forget about is the entrance to the pool leading directly from the main house. Make sure that all the security catches are still in good working order and deployed properly on a regular basis.
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