The geographical features

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Zhang Zikang A man and a young boy appreciate a statue together at The 1st China Xinjiang International Arts Biennale in Xinjiang
"For artists vans slip on dames , no place can compare with Xinjiang in terms of resources. The geographical features, multi-cultural resources of multiple ethnic groups... there are just so many things to amaze you and many things are already art works in and of themselves. It should be a place that generates emerging artists," said the 50-year-old Zhang Zikang.

Zhang finds it puzzling that despite all these artistic advantages the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region holds for artists - the region is home to 47 ethnic groups and has numerous mountains, lakes and glaciers - the art industry in the region seems far less developed than other areas in China. Almost no influential artists from Xinjiang are known worldwide or even nationwide and no public art museums currently exist in the region.

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