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MOGADISHU jordan 11 gym red mens , Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Former Al-Shabaab deputy leaderMukhtar Robow Tuesday addressed journalists in Mogadishu three daysafter he surrendered to the government and declared that he had cutlinks with the Al-Qaeda affiliated group.

Robow, who was ushered into a hotel room to address the media bysecurity officials, declared he has no affiliation to the group andthat he is now in talks with the Somali government.

"I announced today that I have quit Al-Shabaab followingdifferences with them and I believe what they are doing does notserve the interests of the people," Robow said in briefremarks.

"Negotiations with the government are ongoing and I hope we willget a useful result out of it. I thank the government of Somalia,"Robow said , adding he will work for the peace of the country.

The former Al-Shabaab renegade who deserted the group in 2013was airlifted to Mogadishu Sunday following governmentreinforcement of his fighters in a two-week-long fierce fight withAl-Shabaab which had declared an all-out war with their formerleader.

Robow now joins other former Al-Shabaab leaders under governmentcustody in Mogadishu, among them Hassan Dahir Aweys, Mohamed SheikhAtom and Zakariya Ahmed Ismail Hersi.

He said the defected from the militant group after a fall outwith the top leader over ideological differences that do not servethe interests of Islam, people and Somalis.

"There have been ideological differences and misunderstandingbetween me and Al-Shabaab leadership over the doctrine and ideologythat made me to defect about five years and seven months ago,"Robow said.

Robow who is also known as Abu Mansour is intelligent and was amain pillar of the Somali militant Islamist group.

Analysts say his defection will deny Al-Shabaab vital manpowerand intelligence. It is a big blow that Al-Shabaab will certainlylose all South of Somalia due to Robow's influence there besidesthe tight noose by Kenya Defense Forces.

Robow's defection will likely enable pro-government forces tooperate in the regions of Bay and Bakool cheap air jordan 11 gym red , reducing the insurgents'operational territory in two. Enditem

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