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COLOMBO Nike Air Max 2018 Zwart Kopen , May 1 (Xinhua) -- Millions of Sri Lankans took to the streets in the capital to celebrate May Day on Thursday with President Mahinda Rajapaksa telling the nation to back his policies and stand against international intervention.

An estimated 1.5 million people flocked to Colombo, mostly ferried by state-owned busses, which began their slow stroll in the afternoon to make their way to the Campbell Park and hear the president's speech.

The support comes at a time when the ruling party, United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) has faced strong criticism from the international community for cracking down on human rights, religious freedom and democracy.

Sri Lanka's government ended a 27 year war with the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE) in 2009 but has come under fire from the international community for failing to credibly investigate allegations of war crimes.

In recent weeks the army and police have been engaged in a controversial crackdown of suspected LTTE operatives in the northern region of Sri Lanka who the government insists is attempting to revive the organization.

In March the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a resolution allowing an investigation through the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the last seven years of the conflict.

In response the government also banned 16 Tamil organizations that it says is pro-LTTE, drawing even more fire from rights groups such as New York based Human Rights Watch that has condemned the move as an attempt to limit legitimate political representation of the Tamil people.

The UN probe has been vehemently rejected by the Sri Lankan government with President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his May Day address pledging to block "interference" from UN investigations.

Undeterred the government spent a considerable amount of money in staging a massive May Day rally to show the opposition that their power was still solid.

"We have brought peace to this land. We will not allow any outsider to divide this country, for as long as we are here. It is our government that protected the rights of the people and made Sri Lanka a middle income country. We will not change our policies not matter what ," he told a packed audience.

The government rally including the president's speech was telecast live on all the state-owned TV channels complete with interviews from the participants.

Floats, dancing troupes and music bands were also used to provide color and diversion to the crowd.

May Day is a public holiday in Sri Lanka. Over 1,000 police were deployed to manage 17 rallies that were organized by different political parties.

Main opposition, United National Party (UNP) conducted a more modest rally where Acting Leader Karu Jayasuriya pledged to topple the government and highlighted the rising cost of living as evidence that the government was not concerned of the public.

"We have given repeated warnings to the government over and over again and urged for relief for the people but we will not do it again and therefore will topple the government as soon as possible," he said.

Marxist party, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) also staged a well-attended rally, which focused on the high cost of living and other issues.

When villagers in Shijiezi in Gansu Province chose sculptor Jin Le as its village head Nike Air Max 2018 Kopen Sale , after a few went on a trip abroad sponsored by Ai Weiwei, changes started to occur in the poverty-stricken village. Jin turned the village into an art gallery and is also making the village a lab for activist artists.

Li Songhua walked strenuously up the mountain, carrying Jin Shilin on his shoulders. It was midnight, and the two men were only wearing their underpants.

A car passed by, and when its headlights lit up the darkness, the driver was so shocked at the bizarre scene that he stalled the car. He soon restarted the engine and sped off in a hurry.

Li, an artist from Beijing Nike Air Max 2018 Kopen Nederland , was carrying out a performance art project with Jin, a resident of the village of Shijiezi.

Weird scenes like this are not unusual in the small village these days, standing on an arid, terraced mountain slope to the north of Qin'an county, Gansu Province, an area known for its intensive sunshine, scant rainfall and desiccated mountains.

Only 13 earthen courtyard houses Nike Air Max 2018 Kopen , each guarded by a street lamp, perch haphazardly on eight terraces - although villagers keep the lamps dark most of the time to save on electricity.

Higher up the hill is a small Taoist temple called the Golden Immortals Temple, where villagers pray for rain and good fortune. Lower down the hill, patches of peppercorn and fruit trees contend with the inhospitable soil, and as the villagers put it, the produce is largely depended on heaven's benevolence.

And that, really Heren Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 KPU TPU Zwart Kopen , was all the village had. Until recently. There was no hospital, no school, and not even a grocery store in the village. Villagers, however, were quite content and accepted things as they were. "We already eat wheat flour for every meal," Sun Liancheng, a Shijiezi farmer aged 79 Nike Air Max 97 Undefeated Wit Rood Kopen , said, "What more can we hope for?"

Certainly not a trip to Germany. So when Jin Le, a sculptor and Shijiezi native son who left the village in the 1980s, told villagers in 2007 that four of them would be able to visit Germany for free to get involved in an art project by Beijing artist Ai Weiwei, they were far from excited - everyone thought it was too good to be true.

Jin eventually convinced all the villagers, numbering about 60, to have a meeting Heren Nike Air Max 97 2017 Retro Goud Kopen , and the skeptical villagers chose four men go to Germany: Jin Nunu, then 60, Jin Maolin, 45, Li Baoyuan, 43, and Sun Baolin Heren Nike Air Max 97 KPU Grijs Kopen , 27. It was a trip that would change the entire village.

Fairytale come true

In 2007, Ai Weiwei brought 1,001 of his compatriots to Kassel, Germany to take part in an installation called "Fairytale." The 1,001 people, from different .

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