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Neck and upper back pain are common conditions , which probably everybody has experienced it at some point in their life.
Neck and upper back pain may be caused by car accidents ( whiplash injury), sport injury; in these cases pain will be the result of disk bulging, protrusion, muscle strain and ligament sprain. Neck pain also may be caused by faulty sleeping positions, osteoarthritis formation , but most commonly it is caused by incorrect posture while sitting in front of a computer.

In all these situations, muscle strains and ligament sprains, and misplaced vertebrae-(subluxations) create nerve root compression which will produce pain. Pain may be local- at the site of damage or subluxation, or pain may be referred from the site of existing pathology to the head, arms , or hands, or to different fingers.
After car accidents and sport injuries patients usually experience sharp neck pain because of muscle spasm, and because they are afraid to move their neck because of this pain, they often experience difficulty in sleep and concentration, HA’s ,
Existing scientific data confirms effectiveness of spinal manipulation in patients with neck and upper back pain, but this issue always gives rise to concerns about the possibility of vertebral artery damage. Your chiropractor should screen you for the possible ”red flags”- symptoms that will help him to correctly evaluate you and make the right decision regarding manipulation.

Sometimes , pain in the neck and upper back is caused by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome-TOS. This condition results from the compression of the brachial plexus between the first rib, the cervical rib, the clavicle and the scalene muscles. TOS may be caused by trauma. Predisposing conditions are rounded shoulders, cervical ribs, and tight scalene and pectoral muscles. Patients with TOS will present more nerve related complaints , such as numbness and pain in the hand, fingers and arms..
I strongly believe in a complex, holistic approach to treatment, which is why I use different methods for the treatment of patients with neck and upper back pain in my office.

I do not adjust the neck by hand Instead I use arthrostim which is a completely safe adjusting instrument, along with the Koren Specific Technique (KST). KST gives me the ability to adjust any joint in the body with great precision and without any possibility of damage to the tissue. I also use EMSfor muscle relaxation , homeopathyto turn on self healing, and acupuncture without needles to normalize the flow of energy, reduce pain and enhance healing. I always try to do Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) in order to determine a patient’s nutritional needs and give them more vitamins and minerals to facilitate healing and speed recovery. I use only whole food supplements from Standard process and Mediherb companies. Whole foods means that those supplements are made from whole goodness created by Nature with the ability to enhance the effects of each other. This holistic approach gives good results and my patients with neck and upper back pain are usually treated with success. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please give me a call at 610-277-3430, I will be happy to help you.

Dr. Natalie

Badminton powerhouse China has long dominated the sport , but its poor return of just two gold medals at the Rio Olympic Games marks a sea change as its stranglehold loosens.

China collected a clean sweep of five gold medals at London 2012, however it was a different story in Brazil as its women shuttlers and superstar Lin Dan left empty-handed.

That poor return played a major role in China slipping behind Great Britain to finish third in the medals table - the first time they have finished outside the top two since the Sydney Games in 2000.

The women's singles had its first non-Chinese winner since the Atlanta Games 20 years ago after Li Xuerui failed to defend her title won in London, losing in the semifinal.

After falling to Spanish gold medalist Carolina Marin, the 25-year-old Li said it was becoming harder for China to -continue its dominance of the sport, which has been an Olympic event since Barcelona 1992.

Marin later hailed her gold medal as one "that broke the Asian world" and with the Spaniard only 23 years old it could be a European country that commands future women's singles titles.

The Asian giant also missed out on Olympic women's doubles badminton gold for the first time since the Barcelona Games when Tang Yuanting and Yu Yang lost in the semifinals.

Japanese duo Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi beat Denmark in the final for gold with the former declaring it had been their goal to "break China's dominance."

Earlier last week both of China's pairs , including double London gold medallist Zhao Yunlei, lost in the last four of the mixed doubles, which was eventually won by Indonesia.

With three gold medals down China were still looking for their first podium-topping finish, which eventually came thanks to the men's doubles pairing of Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan.

Chen Long beat Malaysian Lee Chong Wei in the men's singles final to grab China's second gold but the departure of Lin is perhaps the biggest threat to Chinese dominance.

The double Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion, nicknamed "Super Dan ," was beaten by Lee in the last four before losing his bronze medal match to Denmark's Viktor Axelsen.

Lin towered over the sport for at least a decade but at 32, Rio was all but -certainly his last Games and it was not the end to a glorious career that he woul.

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