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n those terms?
OS: Certainly we do recognise that India will continue to remain very very strong Wholesale Adam Wainwright Jersey , particularly in areas like IT and software development. But certainly there are also niche areas that will continue to be providing growth opportunities for the Philippines. Voice and non-voice BPO will continue to be big. We certainly don’t think that we can beat India in the strong points that it has, but we see the opportunities around new niche areas like KPO, legal outsourcing Wholesale Matt Adams Jersey , and engineering outsourcing – in which India will remain really huge but in which the Philippines will start gaining some foothold. We see great value in being number two or number three in those sectors; they’ll continue to be contributors for growth in terms of the kind of overall credibility and capability that the Philippines has in the BPO space. So there will be a place for the Philippines, a continued strong position moving forward.
SSON: To what extent have recent currency fluctuations impacted upon BPO in the Philippines, and how far can foreign companies looking to source to the country truly rely on the stability of the peso?
OS: We were seriously affected last year when we saw an 18.5 per cent currency appreciation. That affected us - particularly the small players who did not have a lot of financial leeway to be able to support that gap. But many of the big operators were actually able to improve and grow their operations because we saw a lot of room for improving operational efficiency here. The peso is largely going to stay within what you would call a single-digit fluctuation Wholesale Lance Lynn Jersey , given the kind of interventions we’re seeing currently in ensuring that there’s enough investment going on in the right places of the country.
We see that last year’s appreciation was more of a correction - one that is not going to affect us in terms of being an annual event. What we are seeing is that because of better projections around FDI and foreign remittances we’ll see a more stable peso over the next three, four, five years. Plus we’re more conscious now of making sure that our operational efficiencies are in place to be able to withstand fluctuations over the next few years.
SSON: Are you confident of the security of data and intellectual property rights in the Philippines?
OS: We are confident that we are addressing the issues of data privacy and intellectual property very well. For one Wholesale Jonathan Broxton Jersey , we have in place data privacy guidelines drawn up by industry in partnership with the Board of Investments; as well, the multinationals that are here are guided very much by US laws on data privacy and recognise the importance of these principles. The other thing is that BPAP is leading a very active effort in partnering with Congress to pass a single Data Privacy Bill that supports the APEC Privacy Principles. This is at an intermediate stage of development already and we see the bill passing late this year or early next year. We are also actively communicating with all the key stakeholders on the APEC Privacy Principles to make sure that we support the principles and ensure that our people are trained and our contracts are safeguarded because of the kind of accountability and responsibility that we do have in processing data.
In terms of intellectual property we work closely with the BSA [Business Software Alliance] group to ensure that our member-companies sign off on the intellectual property rights agreements - and at the same time we are also working with government on strengthening the IP law, as well as on a new bill that will ensure a stronger penalty provision for intellectual property rights violations. So moving very actively in this area Wholesale Zach Duke Jersey , we feel that this will all contribute to strengthening our data privacy and IP requirements.
SSON: Finally, what are your ambitions for BPAP over the next ten years?
OS: We think that we will continue to see strong growth over the next ten years in a couple of areas. We’ll continue to be strong in the BPO space, both voice and non-voice. The other thing that is happening is that we still see growth in higher-value services and that we will play a very important role in supporting the requirements of not only the US market but even many of the European and Australian markets that today are still largely untapped. The good thing about the Philippines Wholesale Brett Cecil Jersey , like I said earlier, is that while we’re seeing dramatic growth at the moment we’re able to create a lot of continuous capacity. It is very important that we maintain our cost structure as well as our capacity model.
We’ve seen what has happened in India and that there is benefit in being number two, and because of India’s experience we are able to anticipate issues like overheating growth - issues that affect things like supply - and to anticipate the requirements of investors so we don’t get into an inflationary situation Wholesale Jhonny Peralta Jersey , whether it’s in one city or many cities in the Philippines. We know that there are still a lot of untapped niches, as well as the trend towards multi-sourcing that will allow the Philippines to participate in a lot more geographies as well as a lot more verticals and horizontals in the BPO space.

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