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WELLEWAYA Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium Navy 318775-404 UK Sale , Oct. 30 (Xinhua) The cacophony from the relief camp is deafening, but amidst the noise S. Parameswari sits in a daze after four of her family members were buried alive in a massive landslide in the central of Sri Lanka.

Her stoic expression cracks when she describes how the trees on the mountain top started to move suddenly in the early hours of Tuesday. "I screamed to my family, I yelled for them to get out.

I ran inside and grabbed my grandchild. Just as we stepped outside earth Men's Nike Air Force 1 Deconstruct PRM Grey 511454-001 UK Sale , trees and large boulders came crashing towards us.

The child was holding my hand. But I couldn't hold on and she was dragged down with the mud along with my house and everyone who was inside," she gasps as frantic sobs break out.

Parameswari lost four of her eleven family members. She has nothing left other than the light green sari she was clad in and some bedding donated to her by a relief organization. She sits on a plastic mat spread on the concrete floor of the Ganesha Tamil Maha Vidyalam, which is a public school near her home.

The school hall is now her only shelter. Squatting on the floor a few meters away is R. Saroja. She works in a factory in the town of Homagama in the outskirts of capital Colombo.

Her husband Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low Red White 488298-620 UK Sale , daughter and son-in-law were lost in the landslide. "I tried to call home to see how they are but the phones wouldn' t connect and then I heard about it," she sobbed to Xinhua her voice getting garbled in her grief.

Dozens more have been left bereft of family and everything they possessed. This includes about 75 children who have been grouped into two relief camps after a massive landslide crashed into an estimated 120 plantation homes burying around 200 people. In fact the entire village of Meeriabedda Estate in the central hillside town of Haldumulla has been largely wiped out.

Most of the children had left to school since the day started much like any other. Many heard of the landslide, which happened around 7.30 in the morning Women's Nike Air Force 1 High Red UK Sale , much later in the day. In an instant their families were wiped out and they returned to chaos.

Fearing for their lives hundreds of people living in nearby areas are also flocking to camps after the government Disaster Management Center (DMC) issued a landslide warnings covering five districts. They require shelter, food, clothes and other basic essentials but also demand homes in safer areas Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown 488298-704 UK Sale , which could push officials into a massive relocation program that would take years.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who paid a hurried visit to the area on Thursday, met with army personnel and government officials leading relief operations.

He also visited relief camps where relatives of people who lived in the Meeriabedda Estate are now housed after the landslide swept away their parents. However Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low Grey 488298-029 UK Sale , he did not tour the actual landslide area where teams of soldiers are hacking away at thousands of cubic feet of mud in a massive search for bodies, preferring to view the area from his helicopter.

"The president will discuss this situation at the Cabinet meeting tonight with the aim of providing relief measures," said the President's Office following the observation tour.

India Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 LV8 Grey 718152-004 UK Sale , U.S. and the United Nations along with several Chinese companies have promised aid to survivors. Local companies and individuals have also pledged aid following one of the worst disasters in the country's history.

The U.S. embassy in Colombo in a statement said that the U.S. extends its deepest condolences to the Government of Sri Lanka and the families affected by the recent landslide. "We stand ready to assist the Government and victims as they mourn the loss of loved ones, treat the injured, and address the extensive losses and damage caused by this natural disaster.

We commend the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces for their rapid response and valiant search and rescue efforts Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low Grey 488298-044 UK Sale ," the embassy said.

Tracking the number of missing has proved difficult given the records kept by the plantation company where most of these villagers were employed was also swept away by the landslide.

Over 700 army personnel have been deployed but their work has been hampered by fears of triggering another landslide and unrelenting torrential rain.

The mud filled area is also hard to reach with narrow, broken roads, making movement of machinery difficult. Journalists attempting to cover the landslide were forced to walk several kilometers to reach the landslide location after security officials limited vehicle movement to only those involved in relief operations.

"We have deployed teams of ten soldiers each to move carefully on the landslide area and try to locate bodies but it is nearly impossible given the scale. We need heavy machinery and several more days to make significant headway Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 White UK Sale ," an army engineer told Xinhua but declined to give his name as he is not authorized to talk to media.

Far above the hillside soldiers moved to remove tin roofing sheets, hack away trees and carry off furniture strewn by the mounds of earth while seven backhoe machines slowly ate through rubble below them. Despite ten hours of solid digging no new bodies were recovered on Thursday. Three bodies were dragged out on Wednesday.

At this point no survivors are expected.

A security cordon had to be thrown around the area after hundreds of residents trudged to view the landslide. Relatives were also turned away with promises of prompt news if bodies were recovered. "My mother was here. She was 60 and a pensioner," sobbed A. Selwamani who managed to get up to the area with her husband and child.

She wept in disbelief and confessed she had given up hope of finding her mother after seeing the extent of the damage. State-run Disaster Management Center (DMC) issued landslide warnings to more than eight regions as severe rains continue to pound the hills.

Several hundred f


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