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BERLIN nike blazer mid vintage grise , July 25 (Xinhua) -- German business confidence shows no sign of abating and has soared to a new record level, a closely-watched regular survey by the Ifo Institute for Economic Research showed on Tuesday.

The overall business climate index surpassed expectations to reach 116 points in July, compared to 115.2 points last month, although analysts had expected a fall to 114.9.

In response to the results, Ifo president Clemens Fuest released a statement that "the German economy is firing on all cylinders."

Corporate executives took a more positive view of the business climate they faced, as well as their prospects for the coming months.

"Companies' satisfaction with their current business situation reached its highest levels since Germany's reunification nike blazer vintage grise pas cher ," the survey authors wrote.

The Ifo Institute for Economic Research is based in Munich and conducts monthly interviews with around 7,000 businesses from across the German economy.

July's figures further underline the current momentum enjoyed by the Eurozone's largest economy, as well as the wider bloc's improving economic health.

According to official Eurostat statistics, German GDP growth accelerated to 0.6 percent in the first quarter of 2017, well ahead of Britain and France. Encouraging data from 2017 also suggests so far that all Eurozone members grew simultaneously again for the first time since 2007.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Photo: AFP

China stresses multilateralism, defends existing international order

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday called for global efforts to defend the authority and role of the United Nations, and vowed to deepen cooperation with the world body.

Xi's statement highlights China's staunch support of the organization and determination to maintain global peace and security, a key reason the UN was established, analysts said.

Xi made the statement during his meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the sidelines of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly.

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As this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN, the international community should reaffirm its commitment to multilateralism nike blazer vintage rouge , defend the principles and purpose of the UN Charter, safeguard the UN's authority and role and strive to promote world peace and common development, Xi said.

"China has been a supporter of the UN system. The country believes that disputes should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations. It opposes unilateral actions that ignore the UN framework, especially in the use of force, as the US and some Western countries have done in the Middle East. Such actions run counter to the UN Charter," Jia Qingguo nike blazer vintage rouge bordeaux , dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University, told the Global Times.

The UN Charter, which was signed in 1945, said it aims at "saving successive generations from scourge of war" and that "armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest."

Xi also said that China is committed to developing a new model of international relations, with win-win cooperation as the core.

China will stick to a path of peaceful development nike blazer vintage rouge pas cher , dedicate itself to defending the existing international order founded on the UN Charter, continue its support for the global body and deepen cooperation with it, Xi stressed.

China's rising role

Xi said the UN should play a leading role in addressing global issues, adding that the world body is the ideal platform for international anti-terrorism cooperation.

As all parties expect the UN to adhere to political solutions to issues in the coming decade, Xi urged the global institution and its Security Council to draw useful experiences from how the Iran nuclear issue was handled.

The Iran nuclear talks involved all five UN Security Council permanent member states and Germany, which is a good example of multilateral negotiations nike blazer vintage noir pas cher , Jia noted.

Ruan Zongze, vice president of the China Institute of International Studies, said that as a permanent member of UN Security Council, China has an increasing role in maintaining global security.

"Unlike some Western countries, which toppled the government of certain nations under the name of 'protection,' as in the case with Libya nike blazer vintage noir femme , China has advocated the idea of 'protection with responsibility,' stressing that relevant countries must take responsibility both before and after they get involved," Ruan wrote in the People's Daily.

Ban on Saturday welcomed the Chinese leader at the UN headquarters.

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