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One of the very initial things that I do when I land in Thailand is go browsing for items that I want to have in my room every day.

There are some toiletries that I just don鈥檛 bring anymore because I would rather use the Lux liquid soap and the Thai toothpaste that I can get in any store Nike ACG Pas Cher , mall or 7-11 in Thailand.

I also make sure that the mini-bar is emptied by the bellboy immediately upon arrival and I shop for beer, sodas, chips, candy and other snacks to have in the room.

In Bangkok Nike PG 2 Pas Cher , I usually just go to the local 7-11 and in Pattaya I used to go to Mike’s Shopping Mall. It doesn鈥檛 really matter as the prices are not significantly different.

In Khon Kaen, since my girlfriend has a car, we go to Tesco Lotus. This is a store comparable to a Walmart back home. It is absolutely huge and has everything from clothes to auto supplies, to bulk items to grocery produce.

The mall or mega store is a relatively new experience to the Thai people. Normally Nike Air Humara Pas Cher , they shop at a small mom and pop type stores. Now they can get their shopping cart, fill it up, and just say “charge it” at the cash register.

And the Thai’s shop like they drive. It is total chaos. It is controlled, with no anger Nike Air Foamposite One Pas Cher , but there is no method to their madness.

When I go shopping, it is either for one or two items, or it is the weekly or monthly jaunt. So, I either head directly for the items I want Nike SB Pas Cher , or go up one aisle and down the next and visit each and every row in the store.

Aisles are either clearly marked with large arrows or they are wide enough to accommodate two carts in the aisle at the same time. And people tend to navigate the aisles the way they would an one-way or a two-way street.

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