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Extreme Spiritual Make Over--part 6 | A Self-Improvement Article The christian summer cmap fire service did not lead me into a path of arson puma rihanna velvet creeper kaufen , although there was the one time riding my bike, while learning to smoke cigarettes I dropped a match along side the railroad tracks into the deep dry grass. When I heard the sirens I followed them back to the place, saw the fire, and the firemen running around. I got a little panicky, but they didn't know it was me. I felt a lot of power. Kind of strange but fortunately pyromania didn't take over my consciousness. What did eventually take over my consciousness was the fire (not the grass fire, the fire ceremony), the desire to know God, and to truly experience spiritual knowledge. Many years later, as I began to come around the ceremonies, I saw the true power of fire. And my mind opened to the power and vision that lives in the fire. Many of my thoughts and ideas about fire were reinforced and reaffirmed by elders who really had knowledge of fire and sacred things. That which scientists call energy, Native Americans call medicine. Medicine is spiritual or unseen yet recognizable power or strength. Fire is a relative of the stars. It is the same essence of electricity and energy. All the correlations of fire, stars puma rihanna creepers suede , sparks, electricity, the sun, thought, aura, ghosts, spirits, paranormal phenomena, and everything, literally everything, is connected in this way. The power, chi puma rihanna creepers schwarz , the force of life that is represented in a molecule or collection of atoms, that is fire. It is quite obviously, the spark of life. Wow, there I go preaching around again. I guess that Southern Baptist upbringing has some residual influence. But Baptist-isms aside, this (fire) is one aspect of what is consciousness and I hope this is making sense. This might be hard for someone like Lost to wrap his heart around; it is easy to see it intellectually. We need not be afraid of fire, we need to reacquaint ourselves with it. As a teenager I really wanted to act on my dreams and yet the layers of multi-generational dysfunctions clouded my thoughts. At the time in our household and neighborhood, Christianity seemed to be the only available knowledge of and answers to, what spirituality is, what God is and all other such big ass related questions about my identity, my behaviors and whoa…my eternal life. I was so unconscious I didn't see the way to ask the questions. More clearly I couldn't see the nature of the questions and had no real spiritual support system to help. At some point in life we ask the questions to the secret of life. What is the meaning? The secret? Why are we here? Here is my take on it; the short version. I contracted polio in 1954, the same year Jonas Salk discovered the vaccine. More of trickster teaching and cosmic humor I am sure. I was in and out of hospitals as a kid. My mother said in my first six months of life, I was always dying of something. I got beat up bad and humiliated in middle school. I did my best to be cool in high school. I was a drama student and stoned puma creepers rihanna kaufen , but managed to be the first in our family to graduate high school. College was not even on the horizon. I had no idea how to make that work and with the collection of dysfunctions, addictions, and a pregnant girlfriend, my life was about to change in a big way. In the long run the pregnancy was the best thing to ever happen in my life. It brought me my first child. He was followed by three more. My children taught me love I will talk about that in my next book. We were raising kids in the 70's and as a young adult, I worked ...sort of. We were off and on welfare. I changed jobs too often, struggled to be "smart" and turned to the Mother Earth in the best way I could through gardening, camping, living outside of the city. I lived and raised my family. I drank too much and drugged too much (I doubt you can do even a little and truly live the spiritual life). I am really grateful to my grandparents for taking us camping and fishing and always having a garden and having stories of growing up in the mountains and on the plains across the northwest and the plateau. These gave me some of the values that led me to earth consciousness. All the while responsibility of this modern culture was buzzing in the back of my mind. I should get an education (how do I even do that)? I should sell real estate or, multilevel marketing vitamins, or I should get a job at a factory and keep my nose to the grind stone. I want to be a truck driver. I want to be a lawyer. No, I should work my way up through whatever corporation I can to "be" somebody. I worked as often as I could. Honestly, I couldn't hold a job for long; it was like prison to me. It was undoubtedly hard on my wife and kids. In my late twenties I realized drinking and drugging was not the healthiest thing to be doing adidas nmd runner schweiz , and that I needed to make a big change in my life. In that era of the 60s, 70s, 80s, people like Lost and me, believed drugs were a spiritual experience, and that drug life was the "new age" way, the age of Aquarius and all that stuff (emphasis on stuff). So around 27 or 28 I to realized I am a mess and drugs and alcohol are in my way of my ability to function. Plenty of dysfunctional behavior happened to prove that. I knew I needed to do something to make a big change in my life. Yeah I know, I said the short version, stay with me I will wrap this up soon. At first I thought I should go to college. I applied for grants and even got approved but decided to make a turn into my own purpose in life and I chose to learn the way of martial arts. This doesn't have quite the ring of being a college graduate but three black belts have been my bachelor's, master's and one day my PhD. More importantly, at that time I chose to walk the Red Road. I began to follow this journey out of the darkness of addictions and dysfunctions that led me into the greatest lessons and teachings in my life by way of the sw.

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