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I received plenty of daily quests that will again

 von fifagame62 , 13.07.2016 07:37

At amount 45-50, I received plenty of daily quests that will again, I couldn't solo by myself. Some, I didn't even discover how to do it, no further instructions inside quest info. An associate told me to sign up her clan, "they're genuinely helpful" she explained. But no, from a week, I even now couldn't do those people dailies anyhow, simply because only party up as being a team, no outsiders. So all I did was to accomplish some cross-server dungeons, tried to maintain up with 50s throughout Blackram Supply Archipelago & Bloodshade Harbour to acquire better soul safeguard sets. There, it could be a surprise if any one them waited in your case or tried to shield you. And towards the end of each convert, if they ever talk to each other, it would always be arguing/swearing when businesses.
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At level 50+, anyone wanna join these people? AP 500+ 1st. It's posted all over the place, even in your clans' recruitments. Oops, my AP is just not even 400 nevertheless! Lol... How? Zero further instruction. A higher price or leave.

So in fact, is it as a result of general mechanics in the game or your unconcerned community?! I do think it's the area.
I agree that this bns gold value within this game is to some degree too important, but have you thought to helping each various other out, or at the least trying to support the newbies?!
What's the fun should you be the strongest but noone are able to see it because they're still with the map far-lower when compared with you, or they just merely cannot join anyone?
I just don't get it.

Sometimes, all I wanna do while i log into the action is to give back into Blackram Narrows as well as Tomb of Exiles to help you newbies get his or her class-specific weapons, even return straight into Jadestone Village to help you them with your scorpion. It's even more pleasant to me when compared with partying with a variety of 50s in those people high-end dungeons.
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I received plenty of daily quests that will again fifagame62 13.07.2016

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