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Zach Lowe on the death of NBA Live Mobile Coins

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Buddy Hield, who is a senior known for his shooting ability and much more. He dropped 50 on Kansas on NBA Live Mobile Coins Monday (albeit in triple overtime).HECKLE THIS: DeMarcus Cousins had a lot of fun with hecklers in Oklahoma City the other night.OH GOOD: Goran Dragic has some thoughts on the Phoenix situation.R.I.P. PUTBACKS.

Zach Lowe on the death of offensive rebounds.ABOUT RIGHT: 538's Nate Silver and Kirk Goldsberry aren't quite sure what to make of Kristaps Porzingis. He could be anything from Yi Jianlian to Dirk. In terms of eye test, I see some Sheed in his style.

Anyway, he had a standoff with Kent Bazemore on Tuesday, which led to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Desus Nice calling him "Alabaster Ewing."WELL, YES: Mitch Kupchak tells Laker faithful that the team can't move on until Kobe Bryant retires. Does that mean L.A. isn't going to trade any other non-Kobe veterans this season?

The upside is that the Lakers' non-Kobe veterans don't have any decent value in my estimation.HMM: Your boy Danny Leroux wonders if the Clippers should consider trading Chris Paul. I wouldn't do it without getting a young star (like a Paul George or James Harden) back.

Yes, L.A. is staring down the barrel of a Warriors-Spurs gauntlet. But the Clippers know they can beat the Spurs if things break right (they did it, albeit pre-LaMarcus) and they believe they can beat the Warriors. Too risky to pull the plug now. And Doc Rivers doesn't do rebuilds.FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 1) J.A. Adande is one of the best sportswriters in the country. 2) This piece on LeBron's stealth progressivism is damn good.MY HERO.

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Zach Lowe on the death of NBA Live Mobile Coins mtnba2k 05.09.2017

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